David Snyder stands out for a whole range of reasons. As well as being a world-renowned expert on hypnotism he has a wide range of qualifications and experience in health and wellness. Based on this extensive knowledge he’s developed a whole range of programs to help people overcome illness and disability, or to improve their abilities right across the spectrum.

Among his other achievements David has authored more than fifteen programs on healing, self-improvement, persuasion and influence. He’s also been personal trainer to a broad array of people – law enforcement, martial artists, entertainers and people in the hypnosis community. His skills are highly sought after, and after talking to him it’s easy to see why.

David studied acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier. Later he trained in stage hypnosis, although he’s never been tempted to actually do a stage show. While he often uses traditional techniques as part of his programs he sees their real value as therapeutic, not entertainment.

His knowledge of hypnosis, traditional medicine and martial arts – he has Black Belts in four different styles – gives David a unique perspective on the power of the mind, and makes him someone I was very enthusiastic about bringing into the show.


Please welcome David Snyder to the show!

  • David explains that people don’t need to believe in hypnotism – they just need to follow the hypnotist’s instructions.
  • He discusses how to open new pathways in the central nervous system and create profound states.
  • Hear how to get the whole brain active and involves in change processes.
  • David discusses whether psychology brings more value than simply observing people’s responses.
  • Learn why the body’s responses to physical and emotional pain are the same.
  • We discuss teaching people hypnotism – is it about awarding certificates or spreading knowledge and building a community?
  • David shows that people don’t really care what techniques you use; what motivates them is finding a solution to their issues.
  • Is seduction a special type of social interaction with its own body language?
  • We look at using hypnotism to challenge small issues, then build the confidence to tackle the big ones.

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