Bob Burns has lead an interesting life, from performing on stage as a musician to working as a magician. Today, he focuses his business on being a full-time therapist, but he also offers training sessions and workshops. Bob Burns has over 40 years of experience as a hypnotherapist.

Bob uses The Swan process frequently throughout his practice, and today, he explains what The Swan Protocol is and how it works. During this session, we talk about a wide range of topics, including how he became inspired to become a hypnotherapist, his views on using scripts versus templates, and his trainings and how they have changed and transformed over the last several years. We even talk a bit about the business side of hypnosis.


Please welcome Bob Burns to the show!

  • Bob explains his journey through his professional life and what inspired him to become a hypnotherapist.
  • He explains what The Swan Protocol is and how he uses it in his practice to help his clients.
  • We discuss the power of tonality and the transition of tonality.
  • We talk about the differences between having a permissive approach in practice versus an authoritative approach and the transitional challenges between the two.
  • He explains how having a flexible structure gives him greater creativity in his process.
  • He shares the advice he would give himself if he could go back to the time when he was just starting his hypnotherapist career.
  • He explains why he feels it is so important to find a mentor.
  • We talk about the power of the rebuttal.
  • He shares insights and suggestions that he has received from his previous mentors that have helped him become successful.

Bob’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Find a mentor

Resources Mentioned:

William Clement Stone’s book:

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