Have you ever noticed that the more you spend money, the more time you spend around marketers and the more these marketers are using our hypnotic language patterns? Today, I am going to share with you a live recording from a training seminar where I helped other hypnosis practitioners discover the mental triggers everyone has that makes them want to buy your products or services.

Mental triggers are a powerful thing. They drive your decisions in a powerful way, and most major, successful companies have figured out how to use these triggers in their marketing plans and promotions to significantly impact their business and sales.

So, what are these mental triggers and how can you incorporate them into your business so they will significantly impact its growth?


  • Stories – stories excite the imagination and subconscious. They help to build rapport with your clients and audience. When all else fails – tell a story.
  • Social Proof – video testimonials, written testimonials, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Scarcity – the moment you fake this, you lose complete rapport with your audience and may never get it back. An example of “scarcity” would be launching a promotion “For a Limited Time” – remember to hit the “off” switch when you say you will!
  • Authority – The talking head video on your website helps establish credibility and authority
  • Anticipation – Seed launching and “Coming soon!” events. This trigger takes a little finesse and may not be appropriate for all markets. Identify a common enemy, but sell your benefits and services first.
  • Proof – If you don’t have video testimonials, written testimonials, or other means of social proof, start with statistical proof. You can stand on the success of your profession, but be sure to site your sources. Someone else did your research for you – give them credit.
  • Controversy – think “Click-Bait”
  • Commitment & Consistency – It builds trust and rapport. Once you lose your reputation, it’s hard to gain it back.
  • Interaction & Conversation – Building the community and interaction. The moment of “Welcome to the Family” or “Welcome Home.”
  • Reciprocity – Perhaps the most powerful trigger next to authority. Giving away the best stuff so your audience’s and client’s thoughts become “If this is the free stuff, I can’t wait to see the paid stuff.”
  • Likeability
  • Credibility
  • Why-Because – The word “because” is incredibly powerful. It brings the natural passion to your business.

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