Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business? Maybe you’re thinking, “I need to hire someone, but I don’t want to hire on a full-time basis yet.” If you’ve never hired or outsourced work to another individual, it can be an overwhelmingthing to consider. If you’re thinking about hiring or outsourcing work, then this episode is for you!

In this episode, I am going to share the three ways to successfully hire outside help for your business. In my opinion, these are the three primary ways to get work done and vet new contractors and employees with little to no risk involved.

You’re going to learn the exact steps that I have used over the course of building my business in order to get work done, hire experts in their field, as well as learn which types of tasks are appropriate for hiring on an as-needed bases versus which ones you might want to consider hiring someone full-time.

The valuable information you will learn from this episode will help you understand the basics of outsourcing work. Learning the metrics and mindset of successfully outsourcing various tasks and projects has helped me grow my business exponentially – and now, I want to help you do the same.

Just because you CAN do it all by yourself, doesn’t mean you should.

So, what are the three tiers to successful hiring? Let’s dive right in.


Tier 1 – Hiring by the Task

  • If you’ve never outsourced work before, you absolutely want to begin here.
  • Tasks you may want to consider outsourcing include getting photos edited for your website or tweaks and improvements on your website

Tier 2 – Hiring by the Hour

  • You should transition projects into this tier.
  • You’ve already vetted them, now pivot the relationship from per task to per hour contracts.
  • Hire by the hour – pay by the hour; it’s a win/win for everyone involved
  • To successfully hire by the hour, provide your clear expectations on the amount of time you think you will request their services every month.
  • The benefit of pivoting to hourly rates is that you are locking in contractor in on that rate – like a retainer.

Tier 3 – Hiring by the role

  • This step is completely optional.
  • When hiring for this tier, hire for tasks you need completed on a regular basis; hire people to only work for you.
  • In this phase, you could consider hiring that freelancer on a full-time basis – or you might want to consider looking elsewhere.
  • Tasks you may consider hiring by the role include hiring a content management virtual assistant, regular website updates and maintenance tasks done on a daily basis, podcast or video content editing tasks, dedicated website programmer/designer, etc.
  • Only after you have gone through the hurdles of hiring by the task and hiring by the hour should you ever consider hiring by the role.

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