Karen Hand joins me this week on the podcast; she’s a phenomenal hypnotist, author, speaker, and trainer and has won numerous awards throughout the hypnotic community including the 2010 Hypnotist of the Year Award from the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. She is a former radio personality that initially became interested in hypnosis after interviewing several hypnotists on her radio show. Following her curiosity into the profession, she scheduled a session with a professional, successfully lost weight by following their system, and immediately found her lifelong passion as a hypnotist.

Karen explains what her first steps were to opening her hypnosis business, shares what current events are happening in the hypnotic community that has her excited and moving her business forward, and we talk about her upcoming workshop event at the Mid-Atlantic Hypnosis Convention on October 21, 22, and 23 in Chicago.

Please welcome Karen Hand to the show!

“Everybody is different – like fingerprints.” – Karen Hand


  • Karen explains how she went from a well-known radio personality to becoming a certified hypnotist.
  • She explains what changes and differences throughout the hypnotic community has her excited.
  • We talk about the use of hypnotic scripts and what drove her to find why scripts didn’t work for 20% of hypnotic patients.
  • We discuss how admitting a person needs help, asking for help, and accepting help is about 90% of the equation to a successful outcome.
  • We talk about why it’s usually appropriate to schedule multiple sessions with clients, but sometimes one-off sessions are more appropriate.
  • Discover the client. Work with what’s present.
  • We talk about her current business model and what she is most focused on right now.
  • She explains what she is teaching at the Mid-Atlantic Pre-Convention available for the general public.
  • We talk about her Post-Convention workshop: Secret Sauce for Successful Sessions and the techniques, and principles she will teach the audience as well as how to apply them in their clinics.

“As soon as we get clients to change their belief from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ – we’ve done our job.” – Karen Hand

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