Scott Schmaren joins me on this session for an inspirational story on how he got into the hypnosis industry. Scott’s transformation story began in his early childhood. Scott explains that from childhood through his young adult life, and, although he tried many different strategies for losing weight and keeping it off, he always managed to regain the weight he lost, which lead him into a severely depressed state.

In order to overcome his weight loss troubles and depression, Scott turned to learning more about how his brain worked. He learned about the art and science behind hypnosis and NLP practices and uncovered a broad range of information that has helped him not only lose the weight he wanted to lose, but keep it off and build a life he always wanted.

Today, Scott shares his powerful story, insight, and ideas on how setting goals and daily routines can help our clients overcome even the most challenging obstacles, most ingrained behaviors, in their daily lives.

Please welcome Scott Schmaren to the show!

“The moment you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you have control and can change them.” – Scott Schmaren


  • Scott explains how his weight challenges as a child has lead him to learn about how his mind works and how to use hypnosis and NPL strategies.
  • He explains why he believes that man’s greatest need is not survival, but familiarity.
  • He explains that why he believes that you have to have focused attention and awareness of what you want to change in order to see timely results.
  • We talk about pushing through the resistance of change.
  • We talk about the misconception of “30 day” change schedules and why that number is not always accurate.
  • We talk about daily routines and how sticking with daily routines even after you see changes being made is critical to long-term momentum.
  • Scott explains his journey from his personal transformations to becoming an advocate, speaker, and practitioner.
  • We talk about client dependency.
  • Scott shares one of his most memorable, impactful moments with a client.
  • Scott explains what’s on the horizon for his business and why he chose to brand himself as a “neuroperformanceologist.”

“You really get what you attract in your life.” – Scott Schmaren

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