Where do you start in growing your business? Seeing clients, teaching classes, developing e-books, online courses, webinars, and coaching programs… there are all a phenomenal way to grow and expand your hypnotic business, but how the heck do you sell these things? You could start by developing an all-inclusive course program that teaches everything your customer wants to know, but not many customers will spend a large amount of money on a package from someone they’ve never heard of before.

Instead, a better idea, and one that I use regularly in my own business, is called the “tripwire strategy.” The tripwire concept is a way to funnel your potential customers to your bigger, more expensive package offer through a series of smaller, less expensive packages. Thousands of businesses worldwide utilize the tripwire technique with significant success, and today, I’m going to teach you how you can incorporate this strategy into your own business in order to launch your first class or improve your current sales funnel.

As we think of our businesses differently, all sorts of other opportunities present themselves.


  • The concept of the tripwire strategy.
  • How using one lower priced product or service can help you sell an upgraded, larger, more expensive package.
  • There is a difference between an up sale and an upgrade.
  • The idea is to navigate people to a place where the experience becomes better and better the more they buy and engage with you.
  • What is a lead magnet?
  • How would I do the Hypnosis 101 course differently today?
  • How to incorporate the tripwire technique into your business marketing strategy
  • How to discount something someone has already paid for to sell the bigger course.
  • How to add immediacy and intrigue to your tripwire offers

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