Stage hypnosis is probably one of the easiest businesses to promote and market. As Tommy Vee says, “you will get shows from doing shows.” But how do you get your foot in the door of a new market? What markets would be open to a hypnotic presentation?

Today’s episode is based on a webinar presentation with Tommy Vee, Michael DeSchalit, and myself that took place earlier this month. The feedback and comments on the webinar have been phenomenal and the information shared among the three of us can impact thousands of hypnotic workers, not just stage hypnotists, but also clinical hypnotists as well. We talk about three key markets that have helped us grow our businesses exponentially, how you can get started within these markets, and why every hypnotist should consider looking beyond what they are currently doing and expand their marketing reach through these venues.

“We get paid to market our future events.” – Michael DeSchalit


  • How to expand and improve your business through various markets outside the clinic.
  • How to step into the fundraising market.
  • Remember: The method you do the first time doesn’t have to be the method you use the rest of your life.
  • Don’t discount any group based upon size.
  • A third-party reference is critical.
  • Do a good job, then ask if you can come back again. Build up rapport and repeat business will follow.
  • Mention during your show that you are available to do other types of shows.

“When the audience participates in the show, it’s hard to beat.” – Tommy Vee

Stage Hypnosis Markets to Consider:

  • Schools and nonprofit organizations fundraiser events.
  • Associations events.
  • Wedding receptions, bachelorette parties, and wedding trade shows.

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