Richard Cole has been a performer since he was a young child. Following high school and college, he carried his passion for stage performance with him and went on to begin his journey into stage hypnosis. Richard has been in the hypnosis industry for several years, in varying market sectors including hypnotherapy and clinical research as well as stage hypnosis presentations.

I’ve known Richard for the better part of a decade and have followed his career for many years. On today’s episode, he shares his journey on getting started in the hypnotic industry – from being a performer, being involved in stage acting and magic performances to being introduced to “mental magic” and becoming a highly memorable hypnotic stage performer.

You need to come up with a skit where people will always remember your name.” – Richard Cole


  • How the mindset of audiences at stage hypnosis shows has evolved over the years.
  • What Richard’s first hypnosis show was like and how he learned stage hypnosis.
  • Why having a repeatable system in place can open up a whole new world of what you can do.
  • How he marketed his show performances to high schools, corporate organizations, and resorts early in his career.
  • The creativity of performing a “scientific approach to past life with hypnosis” lecture to community colleges.
  • Why he believes that cradling, grooming, and helping the client create a great show experience for their guests is a critical step and can make you become known as a memorable stage hypnotist.
  • The benefits of having a few “pragmatists” in your tribe.
  • How Richard makes his presentations more memorable for his audience.
  • How incorporating a banana into his show helped him create a memorable brand.
  • Why it is okay to say “no” or turn away a client or show opportunity.

Resources Mentioned:

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis book by Ormond McGill

Connect with Richard Cole:

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