Think differently about how you grow your hypnosis business. When most people think about passive strategies, their thoughts tend to lead toward passive income, developing courses, and writing e-books. This idea around leveraging passive streams of income has been widely discussed throughout just about every industry – including hypnosis. But what many people forget or simply do not realize is that to generate passive income, you must first have active strategies.
On today’s episode, I’m going to share with you what it means to develop active strategies to grow your business. The tips and strategies shared in this episode are easy enough for new hypnosis professionals to incorporate early into their business and are ones that I have used throughout the course of my career to build my business to the level it is today. I’ll discuss the importance of not only building and maintaining a business website, but also how to market yourself locally while on a budget by infiltrating your local community and becoming known as “the person who is the hypnotist.”

Everything begins with active strategies.


  • The myth behind achieving passive income right away.
  • As hypnotists, we need to be seen in our community for people to know we exist.
  • What you do differently sets the stage for better sessions.
  • The V.C.P. Pathway – the mental landscape a person goes through to become a paying client.
  • Realize that everything you do will have an element of testing.
  • If you’re new to hypnosis, stand on the success of your profession.
  • By beginning with active strategies, you will refine your message about what you do while develop content to repurpose.
  • Search for networking events and speaking opportunities within your local area – then schedule it.
  • Remember: It’s not marketing. It’s not sales. It’s practice. It’s conditioning. It’s training.

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