The more that we work on ourselves, the more that we achieve excellence and bring that into our process.  When it comes to running a profitable business as a hypnotist – we don’t have to be perfect to help someone produce change.

Dr. Will Horton joins me to share his story about how he became interested in hypnosis and then neuro- linguistic programming. Will is a master hypnotist and NLP trainer with an emphasis on addictions as well as a licensed psychologist, but as you will hear, he is involved in a little bit of everything.  His backstory is interesting and inspiring because he went from living the lifestyle of an addict to carving a path out as a professional who gives back and helps people deal with their addictions using the methods he found worked for him. Will’s methodology in assistingpeople include imparting a wealth of information at the subconscious level while injecting entertainment, and adding interesting elements to his therapy.

Will talks about the quality of training, how we find our passions, how we address change. He’ll share his thoughts on whether you should go into NLP or hypnosis first as well as a strategy to produce change.

Please welcome Dr. Will Horton to the show!

“The world doesn’t need another Tony Robbins, Don Mottin, or a Jerry Kein – the world needs what you can bring to it to make it uniquely yours.” Dr. Will Horton


  • Will describes his journey that led him to his training empire.
  • He explains how attending conferences led him to becomean NLP
  • We talk about the characteristics of a successful trainer.
  • Will reveals how the magic happens in his training sessions.
  • We talk about the ‘turf war’ between the hypnosis and NLP communities.
  • Will offers advice to those people who are on the fence about taking an NLP course or a hypnosis course.
  • He shares one strategy for change with us.
  • Will tells us his latest project in the field of addictions.

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