Sean and I go back aboutt ten years ago. He is a world leader in the hypnosis field, and I’m proud to say he’s the first person I’ve had on the show for a second time.

Sean is known as the ‘The World’s Fasted Hypnotist,’ because of his technique for instantly putting clients into a deep state of hypnosis. He has learned a lot about the field over the years he has been in the field, and has passed on his knowledge about instant induction to many people around the world. He is a mentor and has a host of products to educate and train you.

Today, Sean shares his passion, his motivating story, insight, and his broad knowledge as a practitioner and educator.

Please welcome Sean to the show!


  • Sean talks about unnecessary ‘props’ some hypnotists use for the sessions.
  • We talked about what therapists do when something unexpected happens.
  • Lessons in training story. Sean talks about truths and myths in the hypnosis field.
  • ypHyHWe talk about literalism in hypnosis.
  • He shares his thoughts on regression therapy.
  • He tells us how he decides on what treatment is better than others.
  • Sean shares his insight on how he knew when he needed to change or break his techniques with different clients.
  • He talks about the importance of advanced training.
  • Sean describes what he sees changing in his sessions after his experience in Germany.
  • He talks about the importance of hypnotizability.
  • He discusses the effects of coffee or alcohol on hypnosis.
  • Sean explains how levels of perception affect hypnotizability.
  • He tells us about his desire try new techniques in the future to help his clients.

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