Tom Nicoli is an internationally-known hypnosis and NLP practitioner, author, trainer, and instructor. Tom’s method is honest and straightforward in everything he does in his field, and he believes that the attraction of positive forces ultimately changed his life.

Tom became intrigued early on in hypnosis, and as he used this method on himself and on people at the dental lab that he managed, he started thinking that stage hypnosis sounded interesting and he was going to try it. It fascinated him due to its entertainment value and because of his musical and stage experience from an early age it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities for him.

Tom’s credits reach around the world, with appearances on NBC Dateline and feature stories in SHAPE magazine.

Please welcome Tom Nicoli to the show!

The greatest things in life happen with “You’re not going to believe what happened!” – Tom Nicoli


  • Tom tells us what brought him into the world of hypnosis.
  • He tells us the process to him getting in touch with someone who would train him in hypnosis.
  • How did his first gigs as a hypnotist turn out for him?
  • He talks about big projects he has coming up and what he sees as their benefits.
  • Tom talks about his passion in helping his audience in any way possible.
  • We talk about practitioners who limit themselves to one method and how this affects people who need help.
  • We hear about how his background in music influenced him when he holds sessions or when he’s training.
  • He talks about how World Hypnotism Day started and how well received it’s been throughout the world.
  • Tom gives an example of what should be the main driver to why you want to do the work.
  • When Tom works with his clients, what is his approach and how does this affect their journey?

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