Tom Nicoli is an internationally-known hypnosis and NLP practitioner, author, trainer, and instructor. Tom’s method is honest and straightforward in everything he does in his field, and he believes that the attraction of positive forces ultimately changed his life.

Tom became intrigued early on in hypnosis, and as he used this method on himself and on people at the dental lab that he managed, he started thinking that stage hypnosis sounded interesting and he was going to try it. It fascinated him due to its entertainment value and because of his musical and stage experience from an early age it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities for him.

Tom’s credits reach around the world, with appearances on NBC Dateline and feature stories in SHAPE magazine.

Please welcome Tom Nicoli to the show!

The greatest things in life happen with “You’re not going to believe what happened!” – Tom Nicoli


  • Tom tells us what brought him into the world of hypnosis.
  • He tells us the process to him getting in touch with someone who would train him in hypnosis.
  • How did his first gigs as a hypnotist turn out for him?
  • He talks about big projects he has coming up and what he sees as their benefits.
  • Tom talks about his passion in helping his audience in any way possible.
  • We talk about practitioners who limit themselves to one method and how this affects people who need help.
  • We hear about how his background in music influenced him when he holds sessions or when he’s training.
  • He talks about how World Hypnotism Day started and how well received it’s been throughout the world.
  • Tom gives an example of what should be the main driver to why you want to do the work.
  • When Tom works with his clients, what is his approach and how does this affect their journey?

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This is the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast, session number 88. Tom Olly on Visionary Success. Welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success. Here’s your host, Jason Lynette. Welcome back. It’s Jason Lynette here, and hope you had an outstanding Thanksgiving, and if you are listening to this after the, uh, time of this recording.

Whatever day it is, hope it’s going well for you. It’s been an exciting time here, uh, working with clients and ongoing classes and putting together some really cool projects. And out of this time, I’d share with you two little quick insights. Tomm. Coley is actually someone I’ve been meaning to have on this program for quite some time.

There’s an aspect to Tom’s work that the first time I ever saw him, and yes, many of us may know him. The, the Wonders of World Hypnotism Day, which you’ll hear the whole story behind here inside of this conversation. Some of the work he’s been doing in terms of what’s now being deemed master visionary.

Going back to the Dateline NBC weight loss challenge from going on about 10 years ago, though I’d share with you. There’s an aspect of hypnosis that I really, really grew to appreciate just by watching Tom work, and it’s this mindset of breaking down the barriers, breaking down the borders of the process, that the brand new hypnotist right out of the gate would maybe have this idea that now that I’ve done my hypnotic induction, now that I’ve done my deepeners, now I can really begin to address the client’s issue that they’d like to change.

What I saw Tom do in a demonstration many years ago was just this seamless, seamless, beautiful piece of work where. To say it respectfully puling away at the change throughout the entire process, during the induction, during the deepeners. Just really milking every possible moment for that encouraging change process inside of that.

And that’s something that I really grew to appreciate. And it’s where, you know, from the, from the point of view of the instructor. We, we have to teach the basics. We have delayed the foundation before we could ever start to break the rules, start to move things in a different direction, and you’re gonna hear that as just an outstanding theme in this conversation with Tom, where even there he was a month out of his training, opening up an office and having his own instructor say, Well, people don’t do that.

Well, the answer is yes, they do. Yes they can. I mean, that’s how my entire journey of becoming known as one of the people who helps other hypnotists become successful. I can point back to a local hypnosis meetup many years ago where suddenly this community of helpers was telling me that I shouldn’t have quit my day job.

People weren’t going to send me referrals my first year, and maybe I should have started part-time and within the first month of opening up shop, had a packed office. Had newspaper coverage, had a TV appearance as well, and those same, uh, to say it respectfully, those same naysayers were then asking me, Hey, how’d you do that?

So I really want you to take away from this conversation you’re about to hear with Tom, this mindset behind just jumping in, this mindset behind just making things happen, and sometimes having an idea for a project which may not necessarily have an end goal attached to it just yet. Yet, it’s that mindset of let’s just see what happens.

Let’s just see how it goes. So let’s jump right in. This is session number 88, Tom Olly on Visionary Success.

So this is always kind of beginning off with the the superhero origin story. What was it that first brought you into hypnosis? What first brought me into this world called hypnotism was. The entertainment part of it all as a musician and being on stage since I’ve been about 10 in different ways and living on stage almost for my, uh, early adulthood.

I had then on my own learned about this mind technique, which was a visualization technique that I started using and imagination process, and I thought there’s something more to this. and I found out it was actually hypnosis or self hypnosis. So then as I used it for myself and even the employees, I managed, when I worked in a dental lab doing full all three construction, dental technology, I came up with a bright idea.

You know what? That’s Stateship. No stuff seems cool. I think I’ll do that. So I poked her on online and I found that, you know, living just four miles north in of Boston and Massachusetts, that there was an organization in New Hampshire called the National Gill Hypnotist. Saw that there was an instructor in this city I was living.

So I contacted him and what I mentioned that he said, Yeah, I could show you that. However, there’s another side of it. And when he told me about. That was it. I went home, I walked in, looked at my wife at the time and I said, I’m gonna be the therapist. A what? Yeah. And then I went from there. So it was an indirect way, just like almost most things in life happened very indirectly.

Right. That’s how I ended up here. Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. So did it, What, Were there any years of stage Osis in there for you? You, you know, I thought to myself, now I got certified and. , it was one on one. I had never hypnotized anybody. I wasn’t hypnotized. It was about as minimal as your training could get because of just the person that I was with.

Ian, as I look back, it was more that I learned that at the time I didn’t realize a grasp. Mm-hmm. , to be fair. So eventually I said, you know, I wonder about that stage stuff. So I ordered four video cassettes of people doing stage hypnosis from the ng Video library, Rental library. I watched them and I thought, Okay, I see the common theme here.

I guess that’s how it’s done. And I went out and did it. So I got my first gig was this high school. Uh, it was a church basement with high school age kids. It went fantastically. And then the second one was a post prompt thing where they lock you in the building. And because I had really no experience at all in this format, the one thing I didn’t do the second show was manage the kids.

And I lost total control, ended up with like three kids and it was all right. You know? And then I didn’t do another one for maybe 12 years. And then I went down to St. Louis to teach with Reverend William Mitchell. Yes. And William says to me, So look, I wanna, I want you to teach for the weekend and I also want you to do some stage, those shows at night, all post prong.

And I said, Yeah, okay. So I just went through memory, you know, I’m, I’m comfortable on stage and not hit this nice people. I know the bits. And I did two shows that night, back to back, and it, it worked out great. There’s a theme that, that keeps popping up in these conversations that as we’re brand new to hypnosis, and you’ve maybe seen this yourself on the other side as, as an a trainer, as an instructor, that the brand new student sometimes doesn’t quite yet know enough to be terrified.

Exactly, and there’s something beautiful about that. You know what? It’s the same as when Don Henley was asked, How can you sing, be elite, singer in drum at the same time? It’s common knowledge. That’s not possible. He said, You know, I really believe if I heard that before I did it, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Nice. So sometimes not knowing , it’s a big blessing, right? Yeah. The, uh, several times again, the experience of what would you do differently? It’s like, Oh, I probably wouldn’t have even done it at this point. . Mm-hmm. that, you know, we this very often that experience of the, the, my then girlfriend, now wife, her description, the first time she saw to me do a stage hypnosis program was, you need to work on that moment where you have that look on your face.

That’s just telegraphing, fill in the blankets. Right . Well, I, I used to do what I, you know, when I, uh, do seminars and workshops, which are always for people in practice, no matter where it’s been in Jesus, maybe four countries now, and all over the states, I see how many people here are still practicing across finger.

Finger cross hypnosis. I said, Come on, there’s gonna be somebody out here. I said, That’s how I spent my first couple of years I think like, right, I hope this works. Cuz I didn’t understand really what was going on and all the subtleties and I’d say, Geez Craig, look it worked again. Huh? Imagine that . So, you know, I tell my students, In spite of you, this process works, but you, you know, you can really get in the way, but in spite of you, the process works.

And then when you know more, it works even better. Well, it’s, it’s that mindset of really being in the moment that if we’re in our heads a little too much in terms of I’m gonna do this technique versus that technique, that we find this greater openness just to be there in that moment, listening to the client and feeding back the experience that they’re, that they’re telegraphing, that they.

That’s all it takes, man. You know, I teach that as creating the client’s landscape. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s rewind the story back. You, you did your initial training and then what were your next steps from there in terms of getting things up and. Well, I was driving a 13 year old Ford Escort with 130,000 miles on it.

I had been bankrupt because of trying different things as an entrepreneur with credit cards and being so in debt. It was insane. I opened an office the next month and my instructor said, You did what? ? He says, Nobody does that. And I said, All right. Well, I mean, I got my license, I drove, so aren’t I supposed to do this?

He goes, I’m just saying, you know, nobody does it. So it was, uh, eight feet by eight feet. Now dig this. Eight feet by eight feet was my office, and Dateline filmed in that office, but it was a storage closet that they emptied out. And this guy rented it out just as a personal office through paperwork or something and if, and, uh, it was what I could afford was $150 a month and it was in a nice location.

And that’s where it started, man. And it just went on from there. I love that. I love that. And I’d share that, that clip, which will, will link to what we can track of that, uh, online over at, uh, Work Smart Hypnosis. But I show that clip of yours from Dateline NBC in my classes and really highlight that aspect that yes, that office used to be a closet.

Yep. Um, I mean, I, I have to ask the technical question about how the cameras fit. It was, the camera was huge. I couldn’t believe how big this guy’s camera was. And he had a tri plug stand and my client, Mark is in the chair. The lens of the camera was literally three inches from his head. And this guy would just zoom back, zoom in, and his back was pretty much against the.

And that’s how crowded it was. Just picture it a recliner, a seat that I’m sitting in, you know, just a swivel chair, not a, not a office swivel chair. Some small little thing like a dentist wheels around in mm-hmm. as he’s buy chair. And then this guy with his camera and tripod and there was about as much room for air after that.

That’s about it. So how did that come to be? How did that happen for you? You know, this is what I’ve learned and I share with people that I work with and. The greatest things in life, Start with you are not gonna believe what happened. It’s not see what I prepared, See how I planned it and see how I achieved it.

So as I was, and, and I believe this is what we refer to as in whatever terminology, people. You know, use or define this as that phrase, God helps those who help themselves. Or when your energetic self is in motion creating inertia, you’ll attract alike energy. You know, so however you wanna look at it. And I was, uh, applied myself, man.

I was really knuckling down, you know, like I talk about, that’s when I had about 20 hours a day awake. Sometimes I’d get five hours sleep. It was seven days a week. Working as a musician three, four nights a week, managing the dental lab 60 hours a week, and building my practice. And things showed up. You know, we don’t chase and find what we want.

We attract what we want and need and it, it attracted, I just got an email one day from Harvard Medical School, got to speak there. I got a phone call one day from an associate producer at nbc and that started the whole process with the Dateline bit. I changed my life, actually. So then what was the ride like after that?

Holy Molly. Wow. So imagine. I am so naive. I mean, naive. I wasn’t gonna do the dateline bit because they weren’t gonna pay me and I, every penny I could make, and I said to, I go with Susan, you know, I get, and at the time I was getting like 120 bucks in a session. In a session to me is an hour. I said, But you know, if I’m gonna do three, four, whatever, I was with this guy.

You know, I get paid $130 a session, . She goes, Why do you know we don’t pay? And uh, and I sat with it, meditated with it, and I just got a feeling to do it, thank God. Right? Mm-hmm. . So I did this show, they filmed it in January, first episode aired in April. And when that episode aired, I had a 1995 cassette for weight loss.

And that week we sold $10,000 worth of that. and then the phone calls obviously and the people booking sessions. And I was regularly booked from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM seven days a week, three months solid and 80 people on a list waiting to be booked. Almost always. Cuz this went in the next episode in, um, the fall.

I forget. No, it was July. And then, The next one was supposed to be the fall, the third one, it ended up in January. So this just kept going, going and going. And when I cut back, I moved to a bigger office, obviously a really beautiful building and added two people on staff. And we had like a hundred people a week coming through the office, and that’s when we cut back.

I love it. I love it. No, especially that aspect of you can’t quite be ready for what the onslaught would become from something like that. That no, there’s no way of really predicting whether it’s gonna have its life immediately, whether it’s gonna have its life afterwards, and I’m sure it’s something that still has a life onto its own, even to this day.

Oh yeah. You know, the beauty is the legitimacy. You see when I’m doing a couple of big, big projects right now, one is even with a guy from Silicon Valley and I mean talking high, high, high scale, big time. Really, really, uh, deep investment of time, energy, and effort. And, you know, these are one of those big projects that people talk about.

And. One of the benefits and blessings that I have is the legitimacy, the validation of legitimate sources. So it’s like, here’s the guy that spoke at Harvard Medical School. Here’s the guy that was on Dateline nbc. Here’s the guy that shaped magazine and Forbes, and got on the list wrote about. And so it was the first major absolute solid validation of my services and what I do.

And then once you have that, look at how many people are open to finding out who you are. And it led to more and more and more, you know? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. So then from there, writing that process, it’s, it’s been the journey of building up your own, Although I always have to ask this question for anybody who produces audio programs.

What is the oldest program that you are still. It was in 2003. I redid what was on cassette . Yeah, on cd. So here it is now, uh, just about 14 years later. And yeah, that stuff is all still available. That’s being marketed and sold online. And I’d, I’d highlight. The reason why I ask that is that so many people set that goal of, or set up really that barrier that I’m not going to do it because of this, that uh, I think my oldest one I recorded in 2007, and it’s not still selling out of laziness.

It’s. Still selling because it’s, it’s good and I like that one. And similar, you have products, products that you created years ago and be able, being able to set up these revenue streams to increase that reach is definitely something that’s viable in terms of our modern hypnotic community. Well, not only viable, but it’s almost our responsibility, you know?

Thank you. If we’re in, in the, You’re welcome. If we’re in the business service. and you are not utilizing all the, or at least some of the options that are available to reach more people than you’re doing a disservice. Right? And the more people we help, then the more synergy, the more, again, back to that whole energy moving forward in inertia.

And then two people tell, two people tell two people if it wasn’t for the internet, and by the way, Starting now or have recently started, shame on you if you don’t make stuff happen. And I mean, really explosive. You know, I wasn’t around during the days of Google and YouTube and emailing, Oh no, man. So to have it this convenient and this push button easy, come on.

You gotta be lazy. If you’re not making something happen, it’s all there is to it, right? And everything you need to learn is free. Just Google it or go to YouTube and learn how to, whatever you need to do. So, You know, if we have one stream of income and that stream dries up, then what? So you have the flow and for three or four days you’re not working, you’re not creating your income.

You’ve gotta bounce, people mess up your schedule and you have nothing else coming in. But if you have programs and you have trainings and you have, you know, speaking gigs and you have webinars, and you have your clients, be it live or over the internet, and the way you coach or whatever it is, then these multiple streams of income are always providing something while something else isn’t happening.

And it’s an important and important part of any business, I believe. Any, well, not even from the business side. You know, early on it was drilled into my head that the, the live session, one to one. Was the only good way to do it and was actually led to believe that it was a disservice to have audio programs.

It was a disservice to do group sessions and completely swapped over to the other side of this, because the reality is there are some people that whether it’s an issue of travel, whether it’s an issue of budget, whether it’s an issue of anything else, they would only make use of something in that distance format.

or even if it’s an issue of trust. Right. So, you know, everything has, its, its place now. Yeah. Okay. So the most effective, maybe one on one with an energetic exchange in your same space. All right. I’d go for that. However, it doesn’t mean the others. Uh, That’s the only way, because as you know, there’s a percentage of people who are gonna benefit through audio and through group and through whatever.

So those people miss out if we aren’t offering those services. And I think it’s something that really to flip the conversation to be more about, how do I take these, let’s call them alternative methods of delivering the content. How do I make that work better rather than playing the game of, well, that doesn’t work as well, so I just won’t do.

That I think there’s some strengths inside of the audio, inside of the distance program that the live session just simply cannot do. Yeah. No doubt about it. Yeah. I, I’d love to ask you this cuz it’s a theme that’s popped up that the, the mindset of being a human outside of the hypnosis profession. How’s that sound?

How would you say your background in music has influenced whether it’s your, your style of the sessions or in training or any of it really? Oh, I think it’s helped a lot. I have always. Well, once I became aware enough of. I’m an admitted ham. I love the stage. I give me a guitar, a microphone, a group of people, anything I’m in, I’m home.

I love it. I just, in whatever it is in me, this is something I’m meant to do. So the confidence factor and the comfort of being the facilitator, you know what you do. The trainings in that person sits in the seat of now doing a demonstration in class of being the facilitator and another student’s, the client.

It, I find it kind of curious that some people are so petrified of actually being the person that’s going to direct the session now and that I never had to deal with because, you know, of my history and background, it’s also helped me severely, you know, not severely, uh, tremendously in my recording. I mean, I’ve got some and I can honestly say, Really, really good audio recordings, and that’s because of my understanding of recording and sound and everything else.

And I even have a Porter studio in a few rooms over here in my house, a 16 track port. And uh, now with the computer, I mean, we can just sit here with software in a really good mic and create some really tremendous stuff, but a lot of people aren’t aware of some of the things I am about recording and about sound, so that’s a benefit as well.

And then as a songwriter, which I’ve written poetry, pros and song lyrics most of my life, my ability to whittle language. Which is one of the most challenging things that my students have that I think people in general have, cuz we speak generally and so much fluff, so much extra and unnecessary language.

But when you write song lyrics, you, you learn how to, like writing headlines, get very, very concise with your meaning and message. And that’s helped me with language patterns too. Excellent, Excellent. So then moving the story forward, then all of a sudden comes world hypnotism. Good. All of a sudden, all of a sudden

Yeah. Well, the overnight phenomenon that took 10 years , it’s okay. Yeah, right. You know, here we are and I’m looking at a forum and I read a message and a lot of people don’t know this story as to really why it all. So I’m reading this woman who’s a, a member of the organization post. It’s really great what the organization does for you, but you would think they would get your clients

The first out of my head, I won’t even relay here. Then I filtered the next one and the next one and the next one, and I finally came up with, you have the same, uh, motivational cycles that I do. I think most of the products I put out have come from, What the hell? Let’s just put the thing out there to solve this, that that City Street kid came back and hurry.

Yeah. So here I am thinking, all right, how do I respond to this one? So I just replied, you know, It might be a better idea if maybe waiting for the organization or society or anything, or anyone else that on our own. If we all kind of got together and created a wave of attention, we might be able to, you know, create clients and do what we’re supposed to do as independent business owners.

And I likened it to the Great American Smoke. And I thought, Well, wait a minute. What the hell? Why isn’t there an event for hypnotism? And I had called a couple people, and when I talked to, uh, Dr. Damon, Dwight Damon, the president of the ng, he said, It’s a great idea. I, I don’t understand why somebody else hasn’t even come up with this yet, but we’ll support it, but we can’t do.

I thought, Okay, so I got on the phone with gentleman who’s my mentor down in Florida, and um, our old buddy, Sean Brookhouse in London when he was really active with the ngh. And we sat and plotted and January 4th was picked because it was the third episode of the Dateline NBC 10 month. and it exploded and it was the right timing for that to air with this explosion because it’s right around New year resolution time.

And that’s really why it was chosen. So that started it all. And the way I was brought up, if you say something, you have to do it cuz that’s integrity, right? So I said it me, my big mouth. Well, here it is now. I think it’s the 13th year, 2017, and people in 20 countries have participated hosting low cost and no cost events, and we have over 50 proclamations from mayors, lieutenant governors and governors proclaiming January 4th, Worldism day.

And we’ve had press from national TV to local TV to magazines and newspapers and radio. Yeah, and I’m sitting here next to my Alexandria Times from a few years ago where the headline, local hypnotist, Open Eyes to Wellness, which was my front page coverage. I got for that back about at this point, about six years ago.

So once again, thank you, Tom. Yeah, no, thank you. If people don’t participate, Jason, then, then it’s not, There is nothing. Right. So even though it was a great idea, and I funded it too, and I still. And, and it’s not because I’m making any money off of this at all. I mean at all. It’s my tech guy. It was, it was my cash.

It was everything that had to be done that me and my tech guy, and then the people who contributed resources from all of the world who back to the blessing of becoming popular enough that all these people were gracious enough to contribute and support it and give us resources and such to use. that if people don’t participate, then it’s, it’s nothing.

It’s just an idea. So all the people who participate, good for them, but even the ones who don’t benefit because of what we’re all doing. , which to, to kind of draw a bit of a through line here, going back to the phone call from NBC and they’re not gonna pay you the $120 for the session to, uh, you know, to this, which, you know, for anything that we end, I mean, when I first launched this podcast, you know, it’s the whole aspect of it takes time, it takes energy and definitely even takes money yet it, it’s to, to connect with something that, yes, we’ll have some eventual through line.

Promotional stream for products and awareness, but at the same time to do something just because you’re passionate for it. Just because you’re seeing that the need is there. And I, I love the aspect of, you know, it, it’s why I, I often would hesitate to give this advice in some cases, but around, I, I firmly believe in calling your next shot about, this is what I’m going to do, this is what I’m gonna make happen.

The same as there you were a month outta your training and going, I’m opening up this office. Yeah. Well, you see, the thing is this is how all of life works. You know when people say, Well, I don’t like the unknown or, and I’ll touch upon too this I’m gonna do to get paid. Well, none of it was unknown who got to fourth grade and said, You know what?

This is my comfort zone. I’m comfortable here. I know the teacher. I know this information. I can do this for the rest of my life. We’d feel punished somewhere along the line. People get stuck that way. But this whole page is, I’m gonna give a good example because I was the guy who would talk to my tech guy and say, , Are you kidding me?

I’m not putting in 5, 7, 8 hours to create that. For what? A giveaway or what for? For 19 bucks? What are you nuts? But then I remember watching a Performance by Usher. I forget what kind of event it was, what show or whatever. And then it was about three days later, one by Bruno Mar. And I’m watching and I’m thinking, Man, I know what they’re doing.

I know what it takes. I do what they’re doing up there on stage. Right? I’ve done it my whole life. I’ve toured with albums in the whole bit and I thought, man, the choreography, the songwriting, the recording, the practice, the practice, the practice for three minute performance, and he didn’t say, Screw this, I’m not getting paid to rehearse.

I’m not getting paid to re-edit that and to redo that and to refill. You do what you do, as you said, driven by the passion and the love for it, and then it will all made it fast, and then the payday will come. But man, if you’re not willing to do the work, why are you expecting, uh, outcomes? . So then someone’s in your office and they’re there As your client is there, is there a through line?

Is there sort of an emotional overriding perspective that’s the, uh, let’s call it the tomcho journey that they’re about to go on? Is there a theme, would you say to your, to your approach to working with clients, which it’s always, it’s always gonna be different from one individual to another in a client centered format, yet is there some sort of overriding arc that you can identify in terms of what journey you take that client?

Yeah, there is actually, first, it’s creating the client’s landscape in order to really work with them in a way that would be most accepted, highest level of rapport and the most effective. What I have found commonly in, hi, here’s, I’ll explain it. When you do the imagination exercise, the phrase I like to use rather than suggest ability test.

Of say the lemon. You know, people will pucker, they’ll swallow, they’ll make a face. So we don’t have to physically do something as we know in order to experience it. The mind, subconscious mind as we refer to now, and all this may change, but for what we know now does not build a difference between imagination or reality.

Okay, good. So if you can imagine sucking a lemon and you tucker your, your salivary clans or explored your brain chemistry, your nervous system, your muscles, all of this physiologic, physiologic. Ology changed . It’s free to say thought, right? Well, if the person has had an experience in some event in the past, usually from a younger self, has a problem.

I have a very, very common process. Where I reconnect adult self to other parts, right into the experience. And I’m not talking about so much, uh, profound effect bridge regression in that way, but it’s regression. Obviously, if we’re just revisiting another time, we regress back. But this doesn’t have to be profound in, in some mantic and all that, and yet quite effective.

And I have the adult able to go back to an experience or a time and let the younger version of self and the language is, you know, really involved here, that the younger part of self can see through the perception and experience of the older self aha kind of moments. And it’s basically overall though, there’s a lot to this of the adult self saving, the younger self, bringing them back from a time that they’re stuck in and keep reminding the adult about and keep behaving like that part of self.

And it’s amazing how this works and how this almost transforms the individual to no longer repeat what was, and to be able to start living what is while still utilizing that creativity and that playfulness of the quote unquote inner child in the present. So that’s become a real big common theme of my work, along with all other techniques that I apply as well.

I share a similar perspective that as much as I’m, uh, proponent and I, I teach hypnotic age regression and the full everything down to some nab bism informed child. Yeah. But what I’d point out is that here’s what you just described, which is the same thing, and to bring in some of the musical terminology, it’s variations on the same theme.

It’s not the exact same approach. Right. Yet it gets the same response that my, my approach with regression is, yes, it’s great to find the ise. Yes, it’s great to get them out of it. Yet. The main thing is it becomes that beautiful place where the client is now doing direct suggestion hypnosis on themself, and pretty much, no matter how clever we think we are, whatever is gonna come out of them in that moment is gonna be so much more profound and so much more meaningful.

Oh, let’s go back to what I said when I, we were talking about me starting my practice and people just starting. It works in spite of you. Because we’re not the one, it’s like there’s a clip online that a girl that I worked with who had severe, severe bipolar and OCD issues and they were gonna lock her up in a hospital and she was not gonna see the light a day.

She was 16 then. Now she’s 27 I think. And uh, you know, she flies around and she has a really cool, and she thanks me pro, I mean, profusely. It it more than she should. And in on the TV show I say, you know, I understand her gratitude. , Darren did all the work. All our clients do. They are the car and they are the driver, but they’re lost.

So we are the gps. Yes, the better the gps. And if you follow it and allow yourself, cuz it’s all about allow, you know, accept and allow and participate. And if they do that or when they do that and the GPS is good, they usually get where they wanna go. So then what direction are you taking things nowadays?

What’s the, what’s the next. Well, I’ve, I’ve got two really big projects I’m working on right now. And again, back to what you said, they may turn into something, they may not, and it’s gonna require a lot of time, a lot of creation, you know, a lot of effort and input. I don’t call it work because I used to work.

I used to do tower and gravel roofing. I used to do dismantling, you know, with a torch, cutting iron and stuff like that. That’s work. I apply my time. That’s how I look at it. So this application of time and effort and creativity. May pay off or may not, but nothing venture, nothing gained as it as it goes.

Building master visionary more and more and more, which is taking say EFT and NLP and hypnosis and all the techniques we apply and use and taking as much of that into the coaching arena and doing personal professional coaching. It’s to tap into the master visionary or reconnect to the master visionary within us.

All people are living so narrow mindly, they’re living with sight in the five senses. When it’s the vision we need to apply in order to really create the lives we want, and vision is using imagination or wisdom to create your. . Outstanding. Outstanding. Which really in, in some way is kind of a rebranding of the hypnosis process.

Yeah. Into its own separate entity. Into its own separate, distinct approach, right? Yeah, exactly. It’s using the same com components and it’s not, you know, intentionally hiding from and shying away from the world Hyp. But just presenting it in a, in a kind of a different light, a different way. Because, you know, even though I’ve been seen as this, uh, crusader for hypnosis, because of Worldism Day and Dateline and everything else that’s out there in publications, that’s not my purpose.

You know, uh, yeah, I, I support and, and, and share what hypnosis is or what we think it is at this time in order to enlighten people. Because if we don’t enlighten them, then we’re doing a disservice because they’re missing out on something that they require and need and will help them more than most other approaches.

But I’m not here to, you know, be the crusader. So I’m shifting a little bit while still utilizing the components that. Yeah. Yeah. And then, uh, just briefly, uh, the, some of the resources that people can check out over at World Hypnotism Day. Uh, I know it’s a mixture of press releases and the proclamation documents.

What else can folks find when they go over to that site? Yeah. As a matter of fact, uh, I just had messaged my tech guy before we did this. We’ve gotta go over and do some stuff because we’re revamping all, all my websites. But there are PowerPoint present. So say somebody says, All right, I, I wanna support world hypnotism.

They do an event, but. I don’t know what to do. We have the ability here through these resources with somebody who got certified yesterday to go out and do something. We have, um, handouts. If you wanna go do a talk, we have a handout or a document that’s how to break down a presentation in five minute increments.

Just what to do, how to do it. Here’s what to hand out even. Here’s three PowerPoint presentations that you can. Sample letter and the sample proclamation and the letter that goes to your mayor. All you do is print it out and put in your info and seek a proclamation. My gosh, what else? There’s how to create mp3 audios, how to create video.

There’s all kinds of different word documents on how to promote events online or offline, where to promote them. Just ideas of things they probably haven’t even thought about and all kinds of different ways to not only use these resources to support Worldism Day in your services, of course, but to use them all.

I mean, how to create a press release. Isn’t that just good enough to know right there? Gee, I never know how to create a press release. Well, here you go. Here’s some sample press releases. Just take out the words, World stuff. Oh, it’s the theme of one of the favorite phrases that I love is one of the best ways to hide something is to publish it.

Yeah. And I’m, I’m on the phone actually earlier today with somebody who, of course I’ll leave out who it was yet he’s going, Yeah, I, I need to hop onto Fiver and get a press relief CR least created, and I’m able to rewind back and go, Wait a minute, you know about world hypnotism day.com? You also have this product, you also have this service.

You’re also a member of this organization. Yeah. You. So many examples already. And so it’s this place of taking that survey of what we’ve got, what skills we have, and again, this is just a great resource. And again, that website is world hypnotism day.com and there’s all sorts of other, I’m on here right now actually.

Do you see that we, we gotta kick that thing up today and tomorrow, but even resources for the public. So how good are you gonna look to your clients when you say hey, and by the. You know, because they, they know you. They wouldn’t have known this any other way. You send them the world hipp day.com to get their free hip.

Well we call ’em hypnosis samples cuz we don’t want people thinking these audio sessions are all they need. Mm-hmm. to still contact their local provider. But your clients will benefit by getting resources that you didn’t have to create that they’re getting for free and they’re gonna like you for it.

Exactly. Exactly. Well, this has been great, Tom. Thanks so much, Jason. It’s my pleasure. I always appreciate the opportunity to share whatever I can whenever I can. Absolutely. And we’ll put links over at Work Smart Hypnosis heading over to world hypnotism day.com as well as, uh, correct me on this master visionary.com.

Right. Correct. Outstanding. I’ll see you soon. All right. Take care. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast and work smart hypnosis.com. Jason Lyt here once again, and as always, thank you to everybody for interacting with this program. And only at this point will I officially say thank you, Tom Ley, because this what you just listened to was actually.

Second, take the wonders of recording, uh, with digital format. My software failed the first time, and, uh, talk about a real pro. It. It’s good to be recording with somebody who understands recording. And so thank you Tom, for your patience and an outstanding, uh, Mulligan on this podcast recording. For those of you looking to enhance your hypnotic skills, I’d point you to a couple of resources.

First of all, of course, head over to any of Tom’s websites, whether it’s his depth weight loss program. Any of his audio programs, they are all outstanding and I highly recommend them. Check them out. If you get a chance to see Tom speak, definitely worth going to see. Also, head over to work smart hypnosis.com.

You can check out a couple of options for increasing your, uh, confidence as a hypnotist. One of. Program of which is hypnotic workers. This is the entire digital brain dump of my hypnotherapy training. More than a hundred hours of digital on demand, all access content from real clients sessions, from the clients walking into the clients, walking out to hypnotic deepeners.

Induction methods, techniques for change you will not find anywhere else. Check that out at hypnotic workers. Dot com and you know the phrase, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, that’s not the case with the Master hypnotist course. Master Hypnotist course. This is the class that Sean, Michael Andrews and I are doing together, What our powers combined coming up in March, 2017 out in Las Vegas, Six days of Accelerated Hands on Confidence Skills Building Training.

That’s master hypnotist course.com. Thanks so much. See you next time.