What does weight lifting have to do with hypnosis? I’ve been on a personal journey for the last three or four years, and I’ve become more serious about it this year. There are several mindsets, philosophies, and points of view coming out of my experience that improves my process with clients. If this isn’t your passion you should still listen to this session because of how my working with my clients was impacted positively by the themes, you’ll hear in this session which will help your how your mindset experience your hypnosis business and your clients.
On today’s show, I’m going to share my before-and-after story from being overweight and in pain to a place of better health. You’ll hear what prompted me to realign my mindsets, change my way of thinking, and how asking for advice and listening to it changed my life. Today I’ll share invaluable advice, insights, and the lessons I learned from strength trainingthat you can apply to your business.

“Success comes with consistency.”


  • Employ personal challenges to assist your clients with their journey.
  • You’ll hear my views on the biggest lesson about consistency in tracking weight loss.
  • I share an anecdote about my personal trainer and a system I had in mind.
  • I talk about future pacing strategy and self-imposed complications.
  • I discuss how positive changes can alter outcomes.
  • You’ll hear my story about bread pudding and mindset.
  • I’ll explain a concept used in the weightlifting arena as it pertains to your business.
  • I discuss how systems are beneficial to your business and your personal goals.

“FOCUS -Follow One Course Until Success.”

Concepts that applied to my personal training:

  • Success comes with consistency.
  • Track your success.
  • Complicated isn’t better.
  • Embrace micro successes.
  • Don’t expect personal records on each trip.
  • Reframe exercise or working out.
  • Don’t fear what you haven’t yet created.
  • Proper technique rules all.

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