Do you want to be a ‘more gooder better’ hypnotist? Everyone has an individual style within us that can’t be duplicated and whoever tries to copy you won’t do it the justice you do. Our guest today, Matt Hale, is a prime example of how ‘different’ can lead to a world of success in your business and in treating your clients.

Matt Hale is a corporate comedy hypnotist, a TV presenter, and an international keynote speaker and stage hypnotist, and this is his first time speaking with me on the show even though we’ve known each other since 2007. I’m excited to have him on the show because of his expertise in conducting his stage shows in such a way that people can’t get enough of him. He certainly has the gift of humor and that extra twist adds awe-inspiring depth to his hypnosis techniques.

Today you’ll get inspiration, motivation, and a few laughs as Matt tells us about taking his skills to the next level which helped him accelerate in as a hypnosis practitioner.

Please welcome Matt Hale to the show!

“Hypnosis is a learned skill.” Matt Hale


  • Matt gives us the backstory of what brought him to his focus on hypnosis.
  • Matt tells us about his first dealings in the hypnosis
  • We hear his take on the variety of venues he works in.
  • He reveals his strategy that makes his work more ‘gooder’
  • Matt talks about his personal technique as a hypnosis practitioner.
  • He explains what ‘clubnosis’ is.
  • We talk about the people who are attracted to ‘clubnosis.’
  • He talks about his ‘100% chicken-free guarantee.’
  • Matt speaks about how he ties popular trends in social media in to his shows.
  • You’ll hear about his brand-new shows for 2017.

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