My guest today is Nicholas Pallesen, a world-renowned performance artist and known for his deep baritone singing voice. Nicholas saw 56 clients in just one week, which is an extraordinary number when you consider he uses his voice not only in his sessions, but also as a professional opera singer as well. He takes the same that focus he uses to perform for his audiences and applies that mental and vocal strength to help his clients through their various challenges.

Nicholas is a board-certified hypnotist, and he uses his skills to assist clients who have performance anxieties or other issues that prevent them from achieving success in their entertainment careers.
He’s done so much for his performing artist clients, and I’m proud to have him on the show with us again.

Please welcome Nicholas Pallesen to the show!

Institutions and organizations in the arts are now starting to recognize the need to carefor the person as well as taking care of the artist.


  • Nicholas tells us what he’s been doing as a performer and as a hypnosis practitioner.
  • He talks about his residency with musicians at New World Symphony.
  • He talks about his approach to attracting artists to his classes.
  • He describes how 56 sessions in a week happened.
  • We discuss the power of the breath.
  • Nicholas describesinteresting visuals to keep your breath connected and constant.
  • He shares his insights about engaging the audience without sacrificing your voice.
  • Nicholas lets us know what is in store for him and his clients starting in March.
  • Nicholas reveals what his mindset was while he did 56 sessions in a week.

Tips to Achieve Vocal Stamina:

  1. Be aware of how you breathe.
  2. Breathe all the way down to your feet.
  3. Be mindful of your voice by takinga ‘low’ breath and allow it to connect to every vowel in your words to achieve vocal continuity.
  4. Keep hydrated.

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