Originally from Russia and living in Maryland since 2002, Guzalia Davis has worked in the hypnosis field for many years, as well as a published author. I first met Guzalia a few years ago at one of my training seminars and since then, she has made a significant impact in the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, past life regression, and tantra.

Guzalia currently sees clients on a one-to-one basis and in groups in one of her two offices throughout the Columbia, Maryland region, as well as in her home office and online. She brings a no-nonsense style and approach to everything she does – including her work. Today, she shares her insight on how hypnosis can help clients overcome physical illnesses, how your beliefs can cause the manifestation of degrading health, and why new and veteran hypnotists should focus more on marketing themselves as a human being instead of the method of marketing.

“Hypnosis is a tool. It’s a skill.” – Guzalia Davis


  • Physical illness is a late stage of a problem that starts in our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions. It creates this energy that manifests itself to a physical level.
  • She explains how she helps her clients deal with the past and present to overcome physical ailments.
  • She explains the process she uses to help her clients heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • She explains how your belief about yourself, your surroundings, and your situations can impact your health – positively and negatively.
  • She talks about the terms and language she uses with her clients and how it has affected her business.
  • She explains why she decided to write her book and how it has helped her business and career.
  • We talk about her content marketing strategies and why she believes its more important to market yourself as a human being instead of focusing on the methods you use to market your business.
  • She shares a sneak peek into what she’s working and will be launching soon.

Resources Mentioned:

Practical Manual to Past Regression: Step by Step Guide and Hypnosis Scripts book by Guzalia Davis and John Keys

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