Hypnosis isn’t always about teaching your clients better strategies. Sometimes it’s about creating new automatic responses. My guest today is Luke Howard, founder of Lukenosis. As a teenager, Luke suffered from severe phobias, obesity, and trouble making and maintaining friendships and relationships with others. He tried multiple types of therapy including psychotherapy and counseling, but none of them seemed to work. He says he “knew he had something special inside,” but didn’t know how to demonstrate it.

That is, until, he stumbled across an ad in the back of his local newspaper for an audio cassette called “Supreme Self-Confidence” by Paul McKenna. This purchase had such an impact on his life – more than anything else he tried – that it inspired him to learn hypnotic techniques to help others just like him. Like many people, he saw the “magic” in hypnosis.

On today’s episode, Luke shares his story of how this little cassette changed his life, influenced his career path, and motivated him to help other people struggling with chronic pain, phobias, as well as overcome unhealthy habits such as smoking and obesity. He shares why he believes that to become a true master of any skill, you must maintain flexibility. He also provides an inside glimpse of his business model, how he structured his practice, and the techniques he uses to help his clients achieve successful outcomes.

“There’s a difference between the result and feeling satisfied.” – Luke Howard


  • Luke explains how being a hypnosis client has influenced the way he works with his clients today.
  • We discuss modeling excellence and incorporating originality into your life and business.
  • He explains the difference between “seeing results” and “client satisfaction.”
  • He shares how he builds trust and rapport with new clients within the first few minutes of their session.
  • He explains why he feels that hypnotists are often taught to “give their power away.”
  • We discuss how he handles situations when a client isn’t responding as well as they could to a certain technique.
  • He explains why he encourages new hypnotists to practice street and stage hypnosis to help them hone their skills.
  • We discuss how he incorporates “mind magic” and muscle testing techniques into his hypnosis process with clients.
  • We discuss networking events and how he uses basic hypnosis techniques to ensure people remember how he made them feel.

Resources Mentioned:

Provocative Therapy book by Frank Farrelly

Provocative Hypnosis book by Jorgen Rasmussen

Provocative Suggestion book by Jorgen Rasmussen

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