Jo-Anne Edie specializes in hypnosis for weight loss and smoking. Her practice started with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which stemmed from a terrible argument. She got the idea of trying hypnosis when she found herself still angry three weeks later. After one session, she realized how amazing hypnosis can be.

She thought EFT will always be number one until she took a course from the National Guild of Hypnotists, where she took lessons from Georgina Cannon. She has since realized EFT was but one tool in the toolbox and has since applied her knowledge and wisdom in helping people who struggle with weight loss and their smoking addiction.

Today, Jo-Anne shares her wonderful story of how she got into the industry, what she learns from various teachers, the methods she implores in her sessions, and why she thinks hypnosis will always be an evolving practice.

She also shares the story behind the upcoming Canadian Hypnosis Conference.

“Your intuitive gifts open up when you just work with people.” – Jo-Ann Eadie


  • In hypnosis, the work comes through you and not by you.
  • People would tell you secrets right up front without you needing to draw it out of them because they think it would help you help them.
  • Her classes are more spiritual in a sense that she opens up her students like her clients instead of just teaching them how to deal with issues.
  • Hypnosis deals with underlying issues that’s beyond the “silly things” like weight loss and smoking. A person’s struggles can be rooted much deeper than they think.
  • The Dr. Flowers method works with 95% of the people.
  • If you can amaze them in the first minute and a half, the rest is easy.
  • Jo-Anne says modern day dousing is an outward visual of what you already know inside.
  • It’s important to evolve your scriptsaccording to the new things a hypnotist learns from going to conventions or from simply their experience with their clients.

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