When you want to improve a skill or want to learn a specific skill, you not only invest time in educating yourself, but you also do your part to hone it through application and tweak it based on the experience and results you receive. Hypnosis isn’t any different, but as with any other skill, sometimes things don’t go the way we planned and in the case of hypnosis, sometimes our techniques don’t work and we get bad reviews. Most of us usually shrug this off and accept the fact that they can’t treat everyone, but is that the only option we have?

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Knowing what to do when your technique isn’t working is the focus of discussion of our webinar. I’ll share with you the four strategies you can go for when your client isn’t responding to your technique as well as some of my most memorable experiences in using these strategies.

“When all that you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail.”


  • Remember: the client is still the one with the keys and driving the car, the hypnotist is only the GPS showing the better way to get there. When a client is not shifting, work out mechanisms within your own style to bring them back into the process.
  • Simplify your work.
  • If they’re not responding, maybe you didn’t have them deep enough in the process.
  • A powerful strategy is the Shoulder Press Deepener. The shoulder press startles the mindset and gets the process back on track.
  • Age regression is for getting client in place where they are doing direct suggestions hypnosis on themselves. Some clients needed a different style of doing it. When all else fail, apply suggestion.
  • We tend to always get caught up in the content of the back story. Instead, go into context of how they feel now and how do they want to feel.
  • Ask them why they do certain things like why do they fear, why they smoke, or why they eat.

4 Ways to Handle Non-Responding Clients:

  1. Compliance
  2. Get Back to the Basics
  3. Go Deeper
  4. Go Another Direction

Key Takeaway:

  • When your client experiences a “Hit the fan” moment, accept that challenge and be thankful it happened because you can address it while you’re still working together.

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