Michael DeSchalit is a Master Stage Hypnotist who performs at large venues all over America. Before he became a stage hypnotist, Michael practiced a similar form of stage entertainment: Magic. Being a stage magician was working for him until he read an ad inviting magicians to get trained to be stage hypnotists. The idea of performing in front of a crowd with nothing but a briefcase – a lighter and more manageable prop than what he used to bring – really appealed to him.

Two to three weeks after his training, he was signed up for his first show. Michael credits Jerry Valley’s book on the techniques he used and was able to pull off a great first show despite a few – and fortunately, unnoticed – setbacks which has since become a good story to tell.

Today, Michael shares with us how he got started, his life before his magical career, why he says being a stage magician first helped him become a great hypnotist, and a few tips based on his experience for aspiring hypnotists all over the world.

“If you’re in your office you’re not working.” – Michael DeSchalit


  • When something goes wrong, remember: the audience doesn’t know what you’re going to do so fake it until you make it.
  • Performing as a hypnotistwas more profitable than his magic shows while at the same time being more convenient in terms of preparation time and costs.
  • He is currently practicing clinical hypnotism. He says his year consists of around 60-70% stage and 30-40% clinical hypnotist work.
  • Humor is important in the process to defuse the seriousness of the client’s concerns.
  • Stage safety and how to deal with bad reactions are something you have to keep in mind when performing in front of a large audience.
  • Setting up a routine properly increases success rate.
  • Clients gain more control by being in hypnosis.
  • To really make it rain, you have to dance until it rains so go out there and dance.

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