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Robert Otto is one of the biggest names in the hypnosis world and for over 28 years, he has presented in  5000 group sessions, workshops, and seminars in over 29 states. His blossoming career all started when he had a bad day in 1978. He was in a disastrous situation and his friends were concerned for him and suggested he sees a hypnotist. He didn’t know what hypnotist was or why his friends thought one could help him, but he went for it anyway and it has since piqued his interest.

He played around hypnosis at the time, but knew he had to learn more so he ended up as a student-assistant to a professional hypnotist in 1980, spending over 300 hours learning the subject. He eventually ventured on his own and choose to speak in large crowds, something most hypnotists cringe over. Robert was able to pull it off, however, thus his marvelous career.

Today, Robert tells us his amazing backstory, his experience charming a large turnout, how a random old man helped him draw attention, and the principles he believed in as not only a hypnotist, but as a fellow human being.

“You have to be yourself. You can’t go up there and be a phony.” – Robert Otto

  • The conscious mind can look, listen learn, reason judge, analyze, criticize, accept or reject. The subconscious mind run all bodily functions, is a memory warehouse, and acts out on image, idea or concept that you allow to be implanted into it.
  • The pretalk is important. You have to perfect that pre-talk to help increase future turnout.
  • Don’t make money the most important thing. Make quality and dedication to your work the number one thing and the money will take care of itself.
  • Early in his career, Robert’s ads weren’t getting noticed and ended drawing as few as two people. It wasn’t until he met an old man who used to be a typesetter of 42 years and taught him how to create the right ads and where to place them that Robert’s career truly skyrocketed.
  • He has since retired from conducting road sessions and now focuses on conference speaking instead.
  • The IACT and IMDHA attract the more serious practitioners, drawing professionals who are more dedicated and have extensive experience in the field.
  • Robert says the new generation of hypnotists should attend the conferences and interact with the seasoned hypnotists and learn from them
  • He believes you can live the American Dream by being a hypnotist.

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