WSH372 – Deborah Yaffee on Synergistic Healing

Deborah Yaffee is what I affectionately call one of the “hyphenates.” She is a Hypnotist, Nutritionist, Astrologist, Reiki Master, and Certified Tai Chi Instructor. And among all those hyphens – Deborah is also a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of Ez Tai Chi For Health, HypnoChef, and Liberation Astrology. She is also the owner of Deb’s Dharma Nutrition and the Riverside Healing Arts Center and “The Little Cooking School.” Since 1981, Deborah has been recognized as The Planet Whisperer® due to her unique approach of integrating Hermetic Astrology, Alchemy, and hypnosis to help her clients achieve positive change and live the life they deserve.

Deborah joins me today to discuss the synergistic healing approach she uses to help her clients achieve positive change. We discuss the common thread between Tai Chi, astrology, and hypnosis and how she blends the mind-body practices of Tai Chi and hypnosis with nutrition when working with clients. She explains why she considers her work with clients as ‘synergistic healing’ and shares an example of a no-touch Tai Chi practice she uses with clients. We also discuss what body-centered suggestions are, how using mindfulness exercises with your clients can help them create positive change, and how physical exercise and nutrition impacts the mind and body.

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“To me, all of it is hypnotic. All of it involves hypnosis. The thread being: we’re looking at creating habits that help us rather than harm us.” – Deborah Yaffee

●      Deborah’s journey into hypnosis

●      What are Dr. Hauschka products

●      The common thread between all of the things Deborah does to help her clients

●      Why Deborah considers the work she does with clients as “synergistic healing”

●      Understanding body-centered suggestions

●      Using mindfulness exercises to help clients achieve positive change

●      An example of a ‘no touch’ Tai Chi practice you can use with clients

●      How Deborah blends the mind-body practices of Tai Chi and hypnosis with nutrition in her practice

●      How physical exercise impacts your mind and body

Resources Mentioned:

●      Dr. Hauschka

●      Book: Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine by Candace Pert

Connect with Deborah Yaffee:

●      EZ Tai Chi For Health

●      Email: [email protected]

●      HypnoChef

●      Email: [email protected]

●      Liberation Astrology

●      Email: [email protected]

●      Phone: (413) 625-2800

●      EZ Tai Chi For Health on Facebook

●      EZ Tai Chi Hypnosis Facebook Group

●      Liberation Astrology – The Planet Whisperer on Facebook

●      The Planet Whisperer Facebook Group

●      Deborah Yaffee on LinkedIn


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