WSH380 – Steven Rollins on Breaking Barriers with Hypnosis

Steven Rollins is the founder of Explore Hypnosis, a hypnosis practice based in Manassas, Virginia, as well as Oasis Consulting and Technical Services, a consulting company where he works with the HeadQuarters of the Marine Corps. He is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a Certified Hypnotist, Steven uses goal-focused hypnosis strategies to help his clients quit smoking, improve their sleep habits and quality, and overcome fear, stress, and anxiety. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Steven has over 20 years of experience as a Marine instructor and over 35 years in presentations.

Steven joins me today to discuss his interest in the power of the mind and how he was introduced to hypnosis. We discuss his approach to teaching the hypnotic change process to his students and how he blends different techniques and methods to create his own unique hypnosis style. We discuss how he breaks the barriers between what people often think hypnosis is and what it really means to be hypnotized, and how it helps him build rapport with his clients. We discuss how the Saudia Arabian culture is shifting and how they have slowly begun to embrace hypnosis. We also discuss how Steven is helping hypnotists expand their services to serve more people within the black community and the importance of learning about cultural differences to introduce more communities to the hypnotic change process.

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“The first thing we do is understand the culture we’re about to step into. Understand it first, then go in and see how we can help. But you have to understand the culture first.” – Steven Rollins

●      How Steven was introduced to the world of hypnosis

●      How Steven turned his interest in the power of the mind into a hypnosis career

●      Steven’s approach to teaching the hypnotic change process

●      Building your hypnosis career through referrals

●      Debunking the myths around hypnosis and how Steven educates others on what hypnosis truly is

●      How Steven introduced hypnosis to a Saudi Arabian community

●      How Steven is honoring the Saudi Arabian culture and beliefs while educating the community about hypnosis

●      Comparing education and mental health care between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia

●      The experiences that helped validate people’s beliefs in Saudi Arabia

●      Incorporating the formula of appreciation, education, and advocacy

●      Helping clients overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs

●      Steven’s mission to help more people in the black community to embrace hypnosis

●      Understanding cultural differences to build rapport

Connect with Steven Rollins:

●      Explore Hypnosis

●      Oasis Consulting and Technical Services

●      Association of Black Hypnotists Facebook Group

●      Email: [email protected]

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