WSH381 – Misha Tuesday on Mystic Hypnosis

Misha Tuesday is the founder of Hypno-Energize where he aims to bridge the gap between scientific and spiritual methods of self-improvement. His transformational coaching sessions draw from his training in hypnosis and NLP as well as his work and exploration of Western and Eastern metaphysical traditions. He is also the creator of ActiveTarot, a unique method of Tarot readings that incorporates his Whole Brain approach to turn fortune-telling into a future-creating exercise. As a life-long enthusiast of all things mystical, magical, and metaphysical, Misha was initiated into Shamanism at the age of 18, studied hypnosis with Mike Mandel, and has repeatedly presented on the world’s largest hypnosis conference stage, HypnoThoughts Live.

Misha joins me today to share what he believes are the key differences between magic and mentalism. We discuss his passion for bridging the gap between scientific and spiritual methods of self-improvement and why he believes scientific methods and theories are not the only answer to certain questions or situation. We discuss how he blends hypnosis strategies with Tarot readings and why he believes it’s important to establish an ‘opening ceremony’ at Tarot readings. We discuss the relationship between building rapport with your clients and the quality of change produced in your hypnosis sessions. We also discuss how hypnosis professionals can benefit from incorporating Tarot card readings into their hypnosis practices.

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“Whether or not you believe in magic – you can make it happen by choosing to connect to it.” – Misha Tuesday

●      Misha’s introduction to hypnosis

●      Switching from magic to mentalism

●      Bridging the gap between scientism, mentalism, and magic

●      How Misha defines the term ‘mystic’

●      Blending hypnosis with spiritual methods when working with clients

●      The value of starting a Tarot reading with an ‘opening ceremony’

●      Non-verbal queues of stress, tension, and nervousness that can ‘show up’ in a session

●      Comparing your quality of rapport with your client versus the quality of the change work you produce

●      Understanding the Softer Side and Psychological Side principles and how they apply to more than just mentalism

●      Misha’s definition of mentalism

●      The benefits of Tarot readings as a hypnotist

Resources Mentioned:

●      Mentalism Mastery Post-Conference Workshop at HypnoThoughts Live 2022

●      The Brain Software Podcast by Mike Mandel

●      Session #19 – Greg Poljacik and the Brain

●      Play Dead by Todd Robbins & Teller

●      Therapeutic Relationship and Psychotherapy Outcome – Brigham Young University Study

●      A longitudinal study of the turning points and trajectories of therapeutic relationship development in occupational and physical therapy – The University of Manchester

Connect with Misha Tuesday:

●      Misha Tuesday Official Website

●      ActiveTarot


●      Hypno-Energize on Facebook

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●      Misha Tuesday on Facebook

●      Misha Tuesday on Twitter

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