WSH383 – Karen Dubi on the Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Karen Dubi is a high-performance coach, hypnosis and NLP practitioner, and yoga teacher. For the last 30 years, Karen has been consulting, coaching, and mentoring her clients through her platform, Flexible Mindset Strategies. She is also a registered dietician who operated a private nutrition consulting practice before becoming a coach. In her book, The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way, Karen shares strategies for creating a growth mindset.

Karen joins us today to discuss what you need to get out of your own way and become the person you want to be. She shares what started her journey in wellness. She explains why yoga isn’t just about becoming flexible and describes why it’s also about mindfulness. She underscores what successful people have in common. She also outlines how purpose and discipline work together to drive life changes and reveals strategies from The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way.

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“Tenacity, commitment, patience, perseverance, grit, and discipline—these are all the forefront adjectives that describe people who really want to get out of their way.” – Karen Dubi

●      The three crowds of people you can speak to

●      What led Karen to study nutrition, wellness, and holistic medicine

●      Karen’s experience as a dietician and her journey to becoming a coach

●      Why yoga isn’t just about being flexible

●      How yoga supports Karen’s coaching practice

●      Tapping into the divine and what it means to be spiritual

●      Using the power of suggestion to empower clients

●      How to coach and teach clients about patience

●      What inspired Karen to write The Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way

●      The importance of delaying gratification and going back to the basics

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