WSH385 – What to Do When NOTHING is Working

So often, hypnosis practitioners fall into the trap of believing that if a technique isn’t working for their client, the client must not be motivated to change. But instead of blaming the client for their lack of progress, perhaps we need to try a new approach, modify our hypnosis process, or even take a step back and revert to the basics. There’s nothing truly wrong with your client. They’re just someone who happens to be going through an issue. We, as hypnosis professionals, simply need to find the methods, strategies, and techniques that are appropriate for them to solve their problem.


This week, I dive into the ‘replay vault’ of the Hypnotic Worker’s community to discuss what you should do when nothing you’ve tried is working. I share the Hypnotic Solution Formula that I created to help clients disconnect and disassociate themselves from an issue or problem, even when other tried-and-true techniques have failed. I share seven specific Work Smart Strategies to help you become more flexible in your work while troubleshooting issues on the fly. I discuss why client compliance is the key to hypnotic suggestibility and the value of ‘going back to the basics’ of hypnotic techniques and strategies to find ones that work best for your clients. I discuss the benefits of leveraging new hypnosis styles and modifying hypnotic processes. I also discuss how isolating and focusing on your client’s emotions around an issue can help you effectively create positive change and the importance of following up with your client’s hypnosis progress.


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“There are no ‘resistant clients.’ There are only inflexible practitioners.” – Jason Linett


  • Seeing your client for who they are and helping them to further disconnect and disassociate themselves from an issue or problem
  • The value of learning from people who disagree with each other
  • Why compliance precedes suggestibility
  • The value of ‘going back to the basics’ of hypnotic techniques
  • Leveraging new styles of hypnosis and modifying hypnotic processes
  • Focusing on your client’s emotions
  • Understanding sub-modality work in hypnosis
  • Following up on your client’s hypnosis progress


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