WSH391 – Nicole Weber on Subconscious Performability

Nicole Weber is the Founder of Performability, LLC, a performance coaching company where she helps female athletes, entrepreneurs, performers, and executive leaders overcome imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and self-sabotage to achieve greater confidence and success. She is also the Founder of Equihypnose, a hypnosis practice currently based in Germany that specifically focuses on helping equestrians overcome their fear, anxiety, and nervousness of riding horses. Nicole holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and is a certified hypnotist, hypnosis instructor, and Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner, just to name a few. She also offers medical hypnosis and is a Reiki Master Teacher.

Nicole joins me today to share her journey into hypnosis and how she began her career by starting with what she was already familiar with. We discuss how she expanded her hypnosis practice to serve new categories and her streamlined approach to doing regression in a disassociated state. We discuss why the cause of your client’s fear, anxiety, or nervousness doesn’t need to impact the hypnotic process you use to help them overcome it and how the energy you create in a hypnosis environment can determine the success of the suggestion. We also discuss Nicole’s definition of performance and impostor syndrome, why impostor syndrome impacts high-achievers and neuro-divergent individuals, and how Nicole helps her clients overcome it.

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“You don’t have to regress to a certain incident. You can just regress to a general time frame.” – Nicole Weber

●     How Nicole combined her passion for all things equestrian and her experience with hypnosis

●     How Nicole shifted her hypnosis practice to help more clients

●     Identifying the cause of your client’s fear

●     The hypnotic approaches Nicole uses to help her equestrian clients

●     Hypnotizing horses and equestrian riders

●     Why it’s not only about the suggestion format but also the energy that we create as hypnotists

●     How Nicole defines performance and performability

●     How Nicole streamlined her approach to using regression in a disassociated state

●     How Nicole is migrating her hypnosis business from Germany to the U.S.

●     Nicole’s definition of impostor syndrome and how she helps clients overcome it

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●     Performability, LLC

●     Equihypnose

●     Performability, LLC on Facebook

●     Nicole Weber on LinkedIn



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