WSH394 – Build Your List. Build Your List. Build Your List.

One of the most beneficial mindsets we can adopt from the info-marketing world is that money is in the list. But all too often, hypnosis professionals drop the ball when it comes to building their list. For some, the concept stays at the bottom of their to-do list, never reaching the top of the priorities list. Others may have started the process of list-building but haven’t truly discovered the best approach or system to successfully build their list, provide valuable content, and turn those subscribers into paying clients.


This week, I explain what it means to build your list. I share strategies you can use to get started and how using email auto-responders can make the list-building process much easier and quicker. I discuss why you shouldn’t get discouraged when people unsubscribe from your list and what it actually means. I explain why you need to lead with value when creating your email content and why you don’t always need a call-to-action in your emails. I explain how to segment your subscriber list and how it helps you organize them for future promotions. I also discuss why you should create opt-in offers for each page of your website and how to use your list to continue interacting and communicating with your social media followers – even when those platforms become non-existent.


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“Any opportunity you have – collect people’s information.” – Jason Linett


●     What it means to build your list

●     Strategies to build your email list

●     Utilizing email auto-responders and how to identify legitimate email automation programs

●     Avoid making your emails look like sales pitches

●     Understanding the definition of spam

●     What it means when someone unsubscribes from your email list

●     Why you need to start building your mailing list – even before you have something to sell

●     Why you don’t need a call-to-action in every email broadcast

●     Segmenting your subscriber list using tags

●     Creating an opt-in offer on each page of your website

●     How to interact with your social media followers – even when a platform becomes non-existent


Resources Mentioned:


●     AWeber

●     Mailchimp

●     Constant Contact

●     Keap

●     HubSpot

●     GetResponse


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