WSH396 – Jennifer Lawrence on Grounded Hypnosis

Jennifer Lawrence is a certified hypnotist, life coach, and labor & postpartum doula. She is the founder of Grounded Hypnosis, where she offers hypnosis services that empower people to root in positive change and doula services that facilitate a positive birthing atmosphere. Jennifer has helped people work through anxiety, low confidence and self-love, trauma, and abuse. With a focus on empowering women and their experiences, Jennifer offers hypnosis through a life coaching approach, offering conscious and unconscious tools to help her clients navigate life.

Jennifer joins me today to discuss her background, her introduction to hypnosis, and how her former work as a doula informs her work as a hypnotist. She describes her passion for improv and the power of utilizing whatever occurs in a conversation. She explains how she incorporates music and sound into her hypnotic practice and the versatility of hypnosis. She also highlights the inspiration behind the name of her company, underscores building deep connections through social media, and shares her advice to new hypnotists beginning their journey in the business.

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“Being grounded allows you to get connected to ‘source’ and empower yourself.”

– Jennifer Lawrence

●     Jennifer’s background and introduction to the world of hypnosis

●     How Jennifer’s background as a doula shows up in her hypnosis work

●     Why improv is an amazing skill for hypnotists

●     Transcending techniques and the most powerful session Jennifer has ever witnessed

●     Utilizing environmental cues and improv’s “Yes, and…” tool

●     The versatility of hypnosis, its modalities, and techniques

●     Jennifer’s hypnotic sound bass and how it benefits her hypnosis work

●     The psychology of music

●     Setting the stage and how Jennifer facilitates her intake conversations

●     Jennifer’s journey as a content creator

●     How Jennifer’s hypnotic sound bath experience helps her clients connect with their spiritual self

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●     Email: [email protected]

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●     Grounded Hypnosis on Instagram

●     Grounded Hypnosis on YouTube


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