WSH397 – Make 2023 Your Best Hypnosis Business Year

In 2022, I accomplished a rather significant milestone: this is the first year that the business reached seven figures in revenue in one calendar year. Behind that milestone are a variety of experiences I went through behind the scenes—some of which came surprisingly easy, while others didn’t. Now, if you’ve been following the podcast for a while, you’d know that I’m someone who firmly believes that the number one thing this profession needs is for more of you to be out there, working successfully. That’s why it’s important that I share the lessons I’ve learned this year to help you make 2023 your best hypnosis business year yet.

This week, I outline some specific strategies and lessons I learned from 2022 that can help you create breakout success in the new year. I explain why it’s critical to define the meaning behind what you do in your life and business and describe why building a network of peers is essential to your success. I discuss the importance of embracing your hypnosis business’s nature as a media company, the value of taking intentional breaks, and understanding when it’s time to expand. I also highlight the importance of telling your story as a professional hypnotist and underscore your role as an entrepreneur and expert.

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“Your actions define your future.”

– Jason Linett

●     Broadcasting and the importance of telling people what you do

●     Acceptance, trusting in people’s capacity to transform in incredible ways and accepting what we can and can not do

●     Diagnosing, taking action, and the danger of becoming the label

●     Pause and the art of ‘turning off’ beautifully and taking a break

●     Finding your “why” and the importance of defining the reasons behind your actions

●     “Expand,” the reason I keep showing up and becoming your own babysitter

●     The power of connecting and building a support circle

●     Telling your story and the characteristics of an expert and an entrepreneur



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