WSH398 – Ignacio Segovia on Work-Life Balance

Ignacio Segovia is a CHB-certified hypnotist, coach, psychologist, lecturer, and author of Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work: How to achieve happiness and well-being in 5 steps. Passionate about helping individuals and organizations improve their well-being, Ignacio has spent over two decades studying the human mind and behavior. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Central University of Venezuela and graduated from Paris Nanterre University with a master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Ergonomics. Ignacio is also a Human-Centric Workplace Consultant and serves as the hypnotist and Brain Trainer of the Hypnosis Help Center.


Ignacio joins me today to discuss work-life balance and why it no longer works. He describes his passion for programming the human mind and how it led him to pivot from engineering to psychology. He shares the key to creating a happy life and outlines the elements that lead people to achieve their goals. He also discusses the role of purpose and motivation in building habits and underscores why habits are essential to creating a beautiful, fulfilling life.


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“When you facilitate hypnosis and use metaphors with clients, you create emotions which guide them to do the things that create the habits needed to have a beautiful life.” – Ignacio Segovia


●     Why Ignacio transitioned from studying engineering to psychology and how he discovered hypnosis

●     Understanding the role of emotional states in building habits and creating a happy life

●     World, Essence, Bonding, and the elements of building a fulfilled life

●     The Kaizen methodology and the power of doing small things every day to achieve your goals

●     Congruence and stepping into your identity

●     Why “work/life balance” no longer works

●     The five areas of life and how to evaluate them

●     Why Ignacio is passionate about positive psychology, work-life balance, hypnosis, and coaching


Resources Mentioned:


●     Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey


Connect with Ignacio Segovia:


●     Hypnosis Help Center

●     Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work

●     Book: Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work: How to achieve happiness and well-being in 5 steps

●     Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work on Facebook

●     Ignacio Segovia on LinkedIn

●     Ignacio Segovia on Instagram



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