WSH400 – Keith Livingston on Sharing the Transformation

A lifelong student of hypnosis, Keith Livingston is the primary instructor at Hypnosis 101, an organization dedicated to spreading the word about the effectiveness of hypnosis and NLP through high-quality education. Since 1997, he has trained dozens of students on hypnosis and NLP, worked for two nationally accredited institutions of higher learning and a state-licensed vocational institute, and participated in developing and writing many college-level courses. Keith has created and facilitated multiple courses and hypnotic programs for professional hypnotists and hobbyists alike. He has also made guest appearances on television and radio, including The John Walsh Show and Living it up with the Bauers morning radio show. He has also penned multiple featured articles, including an article on overcoming procrastination with hypnosis for the Freelance Writer’s Report.

Keith joins me today on the value of sharing the hypnotic transformation experience with your clients. We discuss what initially sparked his curiosity and interest in hypnosis and NLP work at a young age and what led him from working as a musician and audio engineer to becoming a professional hypnotherapist and NLP trainer. We discuss how our mind acts as a filtering system for how we perceive and experience the world and how stepping out of our own heads and stepping into our clients’ experiences can help us provide better transformation experiences. We also discuss balancing being ‘in the moment’ with ‘trust the process’ when working with hypnosis clients.

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“The more that you’re taken up on the inside, the less that you get from the outside. So your attention needs to be outward.” – Keith Livingston

●     What sparked Keith’s curiosity about the world of hypnosis

●     The parallels between music and hypnosis

●     How our mind acts as a filtering system for the way we see and experience the world

●     The value of experiencing the hypnotic transformation with your client

●     The connection between our feelings of confidence or anxiety and our egos

●     Balancing being in the moment with learning and trusting the process when working with clients and training others

●     Deciding your legacy and the influence you want to leave on the world

Resources Mentioned:

●     Book: Self Hypnotism: The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living by Leslie M. LeCron

Connect with Keith Livingston:

●     Hypnosis 101

●     Hypnosis 101 on Facebook

●     Keith Livingston on YouTube



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