WSH403 – Ignite Your Hypnosis Business with Online Challengs

What is one thing you can plug into your hypnosis business to get clients, fill online classes, or simply sell products that ‘checks all the boxes while allowing you to continue bringing quality people into your world?

Online challenges.

An online challenge is a multiple-day online event that gives people a specific series of tasks to complete. They’ve become one of the most viral mechanisms to grow your business and figuratively printed billions of dollars online across many different industries.


This week, I discuss how you can ignite your hypnosis business with online challenges. I explain what an online challenge is and share five ways to grow your success as a hypnotist… even if you have limited technical skills or don’t have a large audience yet. I discuss how online challenges allow you to flood your business with new, qualified leads, how they help you solve your audience’s problems before they become a problem, and bring your audience to a point of decision. I also explain how they can help you increase your profits for any virtual event and how online challenges can help you expedite the process of building rapport with your audience.

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“With the right influential and ethical persuasion strategies, it can quickly become one of the fastest ways to ignite the growth and scalability of your hypnosis business..” – Jason Linett

●     How online challenges help you flood your business with new, qualified leads

●     The key difference between webinars and online challenges

●     Mistakes many hypnotists make when creating an online challenge

●     Using online challenges to solve a problem before they become a problem

●     Building a rapport by providing value

●     Bringing your audience to a point of decision

●     How online challenges can help you turn a profit even before your virtual event actually takes place

●     How online challenges expedite the rapport-building process while reducing the cost per lead

5 Ways to Grow Your Success as a Hypnotist:

  1. FLOOD: Flood your business with new, qualified leads
  2. SOLVE: Solve the problem before the problem
  3. DECIDE: Bring people to a point of decision
  4. EARN: Profit before the profit
  5. CONNECT: Expedite rapport

Resources Mentioned:

●     HypnoThoughts LIVE 2023 – July 25 & 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada



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