WSH406 – Ilze Zolte on Peak Poker Performance

Ilze Zolte is a professional poker coach and the founder of Hypno Poker. She helps professional poker players unlock their true potential and optimize their play by improving their mindset through NLP and hypnotherapy techniques. Ilze knows first-hand how the game of poker is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. She spent a decade working as a croupier, inspector, and poker dealer before becoming a professional poker player. Early in her professional career, she was known as one of the most vocal poker players in the industry – until she discovered the power of hypnosis. Today, Ilze is a certified professional hypnotist with a degree from Jacquin Hypnosis Academy as well as the Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and has trained with the esteemed poker mind coach Elliot Roe.

Ilze joins me today to share how she blended her hypnosis career with her passion for playing poker. We discuss how hypnosis can help improve a poker player’s confidence and focus and how these skills can impact their performance. We discuss why professional poker players need to train their minds for endurance and how the way they deal with losses impacts their success. We discuss how Ilze leverages subconscious anchors before, during, and after a poker game and how they have helped her improve her game professionally. We also discuss the self-hypnosis techniques she encourages her clients to use to improve their poker performance and the first steps she would recommend to helping professional players improve their poker performance.

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“The problem with a lot of poker players is that they let a lot of their outside problems come in to affect the actual game and hand.” – Ilze Zolte

●     Ilze’s first introduction to hypnosis

●     How Ilze blended her passion for hypnosis with her passion for playing poker

●     How Ilze helps professional poker players improve their game

●     Being mindful that ‘bad beats’ happen and helping clients deal with professional losses

●     Leveraging subconscious anchors before, during, and after a poker game

●     How initially focusing on a very specific niche helped Ilze expand her hypnosis services

●     Overcoming the ‘end-game mental noise’ phenomenon

●     Using self-hypnosis techniques to improve poker performance

●     The first steps to activating change to improve a poker player’s performance

Resources Mentioned:

●     Poker Power

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●     Hypno Poker

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●     Ilze Zolte on LinkedIn

●     Ilze Zolte on Twitter



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