Benefits of Outsourcing Your Web Content

You knew how to start your hypnosis business, but you didn’t realize there would be so many demands running your website and online marketing. You may have learned how to make online videos for your site, but now you are contemplating outsourcing your web content to free up some time and space for your clients.

It can be hard to relinquish control. You may be concerned about losing your unique voice or having someone mess up the more technical aspects of what you do. Can they really speak with authority about hypnosis in a way that benefits you? Here’s what outsourcing can offer you:

Time and Money

If you run the majority of your business solo, you may be writing your blogs, generating videos, and struggling to keep up with your clients’ demands. At some point, you cannot do it all anymore. But bringing someone else on your payroll can be a headache. You need to learn some HR, sort out insurance, taxes, and benefits, and pay their salary. It’s typically cheaper and easier to contract the service out. Imagine what you can do with your time when you aren’t worried about updating your website or writing another article. You can generate more billable hours when you aren’t stuck behind your computer updating your social media followers about your new video or blog post.


If you have managed to keep up with your online content thus far, you have seen consistency pay off with search engines. To continually rank high on the various search engine results pages (SERP), you need to keep a stream of new content flowing on your website. This showcases your authority in the industry, but very few companies have the time, resources, and knowledge to make it happen.

By outsourcing your web content, you will ensure that your updated and fresh content is popping up on your website like clockwork without having to watch over the process. This will free up your mental capacity and schedule to focus on other aspects of your business that are more difficult to outsource (or that you enjoy more).

Varying Viewpoints and Fresh Voices

While you want your company’s voice to still sound like you, introducing new talent and ideas can be highly beneficial. After you’ve finished working with your clients for the day, you may have lost some enthusiasm for writing and speaking about hypnosis. You might be tired or burnt out. It will show in your web content. Introducing a new talent pool will ensure your site never loses the spark of inspiration, energy, and new ideas.

Your content marketing plan will flourish with different writers and creators that can express concepts in ways you may never have considered, helping your clients understand what you want to communicate. They will bring life experience and knowledge to the table that they have gleaned from working with other clients, ultimately benefiting your business.

Connecting With Your Target Client Base

Quality outsourcing companies always start with research on your target audience. They will learn what your typical clients are already looking for online and what problems they need solved. They will find out what things they’ve already tried in order to solve these problems and what services are most appealing to them.

They will help you establish phrases and keywords, referred to as targets, and draft a content calendar to support those targets. Content marketing professionals know how to get your content in front of more eyes, coming up with new ways to publicize it and help it rank on SERPs. You should work together to create your targets, so you don’t waste your time on content that won’t rank or that won’t engage your target audience.

Streamlines Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been thinking up content topics, generating videos, writing blogs, updating your website, or linking or sharing it via your social media accounts, you no longer have to do this alone. A good content marketing agency will have various teams that can take care of all of this for you quickly.

This will also help your authority with your business. It’s no longer quantity over quality to rank, thanks to Google algorithms. Google rewards consistently generated, high-quality content that is related to your industry. Outsourcing will allow teams to research your topic choices in depth to create ideal content for each type of publication. For example, a video on Facebook should be under a minute, and your blog article should be anywhere from 800 to 1200 words to rank well. Search engines will take notice, setting your company apart as a trustworthy leader in your field.

Will They Get it Right?

Provide the media team with resources to help them get smart on your business and industry. Ask to review the content they produce before publication. At first, you might need to give more input to align the writer’s voice with yours. There’s a natural learning curve, but you should find that a good media team will be able to quickly reflect your voice, preferences, and expertise.

If you are ready to take the leap and outsource, try not to micromanage. Remember why you are doing this: to have more time to devote to more important endeavors, whether it’s client interaction, some time off, or spending quality time with family. If you over-analyze everything you’ve hired someone else to do, you are slowing the process and hurting your online performance. Trust the process, sit back, and watch the return on investment pour in.

For more tips about how to build a hypnotherapy business, check out my Work Smart Hypnosis resources.

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