Welcome to the 100th episode of the Work Smart Hypnosis podcast! Today’s episode is slightly different than the last 99 – instead of diving deep into other hypnotist stories, my friend Richard Cole joins me on the show to interview yours truly.  I share my journey into hypnosis and what inspired me to start my career in the field. I’ll share the many lessons I’ve learned through experience, the people who have helped me achieve the success I have found today, and my thoughts on the future of the hypnotic world.

“Find the strategies that work and find the ways to replicate them otherwise we’re just reinventing the wheel every time over.” – Jason Linett

  • I share the story about the time I appeared as a guest at a radio show in Alaska.
  • At conferences and seminars, the best lessons you’d have learned are what’s happening in the hallways or in the bars.
  • Why I decided to achieve my 5 year plan right away after my children were born.
  • The amateur changes their act, the professional changes their audience.
  • The mindset is always to leverage everything you are doing right now to be one step ahead.
  • My goals for 2017.
  • When it comes to business strategies that will never die, include the mechanism of the funnel, relationship and content marketing, and leading with value.
  • Hypnosis techniques all arrive at the same destination with the same result but with different paths to get there.
  • My advice to my 6-year old self: Start sooner.

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