James Hazlerig is the author of The Little Book of Laughnosis, an excellent tool that uses intentional laughter to effect change in hypnosis clients. He recently launched an online training course on laughnosis and will soon launch a remarkable app that will help peoplealter the course of theirday for the better.

James joins me today to discussthe changes he applied to evolve and grow his business. Heshares how his background in analyzing stories led him to create simple structures that people can understand and hypnotists can use as a vehicle in effecting change in their work. He also shares the story of how and when he started incorporating laughter techniques in his work and some inspiring stories of clients who have had breakthroughs in their issues as they applied the hypnotic laughtermethod.

“The nice thingis that with really uproarious laughter and a big smile as they visualize going through the situation, again and again, they build that reaction.” – James Hazlerig

  • What has evolved in James’ approach and style in the last three years
  • How he addressed the niche that helped the hypnosis community
  • What led him to write The Little Book of Laughnosis
  • The app James and his friend created called Harmony Hypnosis Emergency Validation
  • How customer service surveys, client reviews, and a better office environment helped him grow his business
  • An app he uses to remind his clients of their session
  • Why he spends moneyon print advertising
  • One of the biggest things hypnotists need to understand about storytelling

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