Anthony Galie is an author, keynote speaker, and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organization, and universities motivate their teams and students to achieve their personal and professional goals. He has been recognized as one of the top 26 Hot Speakers by Successful Meetings Magazine.

Today, Anthony joins me to open the gates to the steps to break into the corporate hypnosis market. He explains how to approach corporations to offer your services, how to stand out in a crowded marketplace to pave the path to success as well as how to conduct a “Needs Analysis” so you can customize your presentation to meet the company’s needs.

“People respond to passion; to enthusiasm.” – Anthony Galie

  • How he uses hypnosis as a metaphor in his corporate presentations
  • How to position yourself and your brand as a corporate hypnotist
  • How breaking into corporate hypnosis can lead to future speaking engagements
  • Incorporating self-hypnosis into your corporate presentations
  • How to penetrate the corporate market
  • Plowing through the “hypnosis is taboo” stigma
  • How to identify good hypnosis subjects from a large audience to shorten the induction period of a presentation
  • Creating routines that are appropriate for the corporate audience
  • Setting your fees when you’re just starting out
  • Do you have to be a stage hypnotist before breaking into the corporate hypnosis market?
  • Best ways to approach organizations
  • Optimum types of skits for corporate hypnosis groups

3 Steps to Break Into Corporate Hypnosis Webinar

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