Direct from the UK, Derek Chapman used hypnosis for personal change, and his interest in the self-help fields led him to deep-dive into hypnosis. He is so passionate about what he does that he gets most of his clients through word of mouth and referrals. Derek is a master of mirroring the language patterns his clients use, one of the strategies he uses to rapidly gain rapport and successfully work with his clients.

Derek joins me today to share how to effectively use the entire hypnotic experience to condition the client’s success. His methods prepare a client for a more successful experience both inside and outside your office. He talks about expanding the classic hypnotic pretalk to also condition the client for successful experiences in advanced strategies. Wait until you hear his “Google Earth” metaphor for Timeline Therapy!

“When people notice the change in you, it will compound the changes already taking place.” – Derek Chapman

  • Derek’s journey from self-help books to NLP
  • Why he decided to pursue NLP full time
  • Why he’s deliberately investing on his training
  • What fuels the desire to continue training and apply the things he learns
  • Why success is a lousy teacher
  • Why consultations are the biggest thing for him
  • How he uses his own product — hypnosis —  on himself
  • How he gets feedback and shows the changes in his clients
  • What the statement “hypnosis is a two-way thing” means
  • Vital components about releasing anxiety
  • How he demonstrated the power of the mind
  • The effects of using timeline therapy
  • Highlighting change even before the change takes place
  • How fear can be a good motivator

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