Felix Economakis is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotist who has been working in private practice since 2007. He specializes in treating a range of conditions from phobias and anxiety to eating disorders, with a particular focus on Selective Eating Disorder (SED). His work has been featured by many UK media outlets, and he is a member of the British Psychological Society and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

On today’s episode, Felix and I focus on the topic of hypnotic responsibility. We dive into the responsibilities of the client and the therapist and the problems that can arise when certain responsibilities are taken on by the wrong party. He shares his user experience and the four steps of the specific protocol he created for working with clients. We also discuss how he uses psychoeducation to build a rapport and level of trust and respect with his clients.

“The ones who are prepared to do the work will always do well because it’s more about psychoeducation, understanding, mentoring, and teaching rather than hypnosis.” – Felix Economakis

  • How working in retail was good practice for selling change to hypnosis clients.
  • The importance of discerning where your client is coming from and what you need to do to win them over.
  • How his experience allows him to recognize patterns and anticipate responses.
  • The importance of showing your clients empathy.
  • How he methodically walks clients through all of their objections.
  • The details of his user experience and how he diffuses their concerns throughout the process.
  • How he reframes the session and change as part of the learning curve while taking away the pressure to pass or fail.
  • The language and techniques he uses to calm performance anxiety.
  • The benefits of explaining the desired change as a change of perception.
  • How he uses psychoeducation to reframe the issue the client has in a way that they have never been able to articulate before.
  • The benefits of having parents present during the session.
  • How “parts therapy” can be engaging for the patient.
  • The 4R’s Protocol he created and how each piece of the protocol works together.
  • The importance of making the client responsible for choosing to change.
  • How one moment in a session made him realize that hypnosis is not always necessary for the system to change.
  • How he began his work with selective eaters and what he has learned from his experiences.
  • The difference between clients who are prepared to do the hard work and those who are not.
  • How to avoid putting pressure on yourself when you are the client’s “last hope.”
  • Why deeper hypnosis is often not the answer.

Felix’s 4R’s:

  • Rapport
  • Reconciliation (parts therapy)
  • Responsibility for change
  • Rewiring (hypnosis)

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