Bob Burns returns to the program this week to share how he helps his clients achieve hypnotic experiences through the Swan Protocol and Swan Speaks system. He explains why it’s critical for hypnotists to stay grounded in honesty and transparency and how he uses the Swan Protocol in his initial client consultations. He also shares strategies he uses to build trust and rapport with his clients as well as how he uses hypnotic mentalism to turn non-believing clients into believers.

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Bob is the founder of Lifeline Hypnotherapy and The Swan Protocol. His methods are used in more than 75 countries. He is a full-time, practicing hypnotherapist as well as a highly sought-after speaker, lecturer, and hypnosis mentor. He has over 40 years of experience as a hypnotherapist, focusing much of his career on helping clients overcome anxiety disorders and smoking as well as lose weight. He has provided keynote speeches, presentations and hypnotic workshops around the world, including in Europe, Canada, Australia, the Middle and Far East, New Zealand, and North and South America.

“Mentalism with hypnosis is a very, very powerful thing.” – Bob Burns

  • The importance of being grounded in honesty and transparency.
  • The appropriate level of expectation you can build with hypnosis clients.
  • How he uses the Swan Protocol in his initial client consultations.
  • How the Swan Protocol has evolved over the years.
  • Strategies for incorporating the Swan Speaks protocol into your hypnosis practice.
  • What is “lucid dreaming?”
  • The importance of building rapport with your hypnosis clients.
  • The importance of developing the skills of hesitation, modulation, and emphasization.
  • How emulating your teachers and mentors helps you improve your skills.
  • What is mentalism for hypnosis and how he implements it into the change process?

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