Derek Chapman is a Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner, Mind Coach, and the Founder of Grimsby Hypnotherapy, a practice dedicated to helping people control their anxiety, fears, and addictions. He is a practitioner in NLP, Psy-Tap, Time Line Therapy (TLT), and KS, and has helped thousands of clients find happiness. He is a master of mirroring language patterns and uses this skill to create lasting change for his clients.


Derek joins me today to share how awesome hypnosis can help hypnotherapists get stronger results with their clients. He reveals how he helps people release anxiety, release fear, and overcome their expectations. He explains the Anxiety Wheel and Russian Doll techniques and describes stories of how he has uses them with clients. Derek also shares the details of his Awesome Therapist course, a single resource that combines the techniques, marketing, and everything you need to know to run a successful practice.

“The client in front of you is responsible for their own change. Your role is to guide them there.” – Derek Chapman

  • How to hone your hypnotherapy skills and be more effective in a shorter span of time.
  • How Derek works with client anxiety and starts the process of change by teaching hypnosis techniques.
  • What the Anxiety Wheel is and how to use it.
  • Insight into his client consultations and some of the techniques that retrain a client’s thinking.
  • How to get rapid state change using the Russian Doll technique.
  • Why it helps to have tricky, preoccupied clients vent before moving on.
  • How metaphors, such as The Burning Room, can help clients find change through changing their perspective.
  • How Derek’s understanding of the hypnotic process has changed over the past two years.
  • How to use a client consultation form to see if a client is receptive to change.
  • How the Awesome Therapist program can help you run a more successful hypnosis practice.

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