Michael DeSchalit joins me today to share the opportunities of being a virtual hypnotist. He reveals what it is like to see clients virtually and online, including the negative and positive elements compared to running a face-to-face hypnosis practice. He shares the technologies and software that make a virtual practice a possibility and touches on how he markets his business. He also shares the potential cost savings created when a physical office is no longer needed.


Michael is a clinical hypnotherapist and the Founder of Virtual Hypnosis Online. Michael uses video conferencing software to help clients in the comfort of their own homes. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Life Success Coach, and Professional Consulting Hypnotist with more than two decades of experience. He has been named Hypnotist of the Year by several professional hypnosis organizations and has received the Hypnotism Achievement Award.

“My office is wherever I have an internet connection.” – Michael DeSchalit

  • The positive and negative effects of running a virtual hypnotherapy practice.
  • Selecting the clients you want to work with.
  • Building the forms needed to run a virtual office.
  • How to manage client expectations for an online consultation.
  • How to create an out for session dropouts/disconnections.
  • What to do if abreaction occurs.
  • How to market a remote hypnotherapy service.

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