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Jodi Scholes joins me today to share how the Business of Bodywork helps entrepreneurs own their zip code and find financial stability. She highlights why it is vital to build relationships, integrity, and trust through networking. Jodi describes the metrics that you should be looking at to get out there and grow a thriving business that will give you something to show for it. She also reveals why it is crucial to build systems and have a regular and honest relationship with your finances.

Jodi is the Founder of Business of Bodywork. She is a community wellness expert, and a full-time speaker and educator. After selling her massage therapy business, a field which she has worked in for 25 years, Jodi now coaches one-to-one and groups on her seven-step program to help business owners grow their businesses and make a profit. Jodi has received numerous accolades including being voted Rotarian of the Year by the Rotary Club of Vienna Virginia and being voted Business Person of the Year by the Vienna/Tysons Chamber of Commerce.

“To own your zip code, we must move beyond the social media advertising and come home to grassroots marketing.” – Jodi Scholes

  • Putting systems in place so that you can work on your business instead of in your business.
  • Why you need to be specific when describing your niche market.
  • Why you need to become more visible and build credibility to help your business grow.
  • How to build genuine rapport when talking to networking connections.
  • The value of having an accountability buddy and why it’s essential to take bold actions.
  • Choosing the right mentor to help you take your business to the next level.
  • Why entrepreneurs must have a regular, honest relationship with their money.

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