Angie Hernandez joins me today to share her story of starting her own business and why hypnotic blogging is essential for hypnotherapy practitioners. She reveals why hypnotherapy continues to engage her every day and describes her approach and techniques for working with anxiety. Angie highlights a few strategic ways to get your first 100 clients and shares how the art of blogging and harnessing current news can drive business and improve search engine optimization.

Angie Hernandez is the founder of the Indiana Hypnosis Center. She helps people lose weight, stop smoking and reduce chronic pain. Angie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, author, blogger, and public speaker. She studied hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute of Tarzana and believes in continuous learning from the experts. Her experience includes a year of intensive hypnotherapy training from HMI, which she followed up with a 200-hour internship.

“You have to have an online presence and look like the expert if you want to compete.” – Angie Hernandez

  • Why hypnotherapy continues to inspire and engage Angie.
  • Angie’s approach to working with anxiety and the anchored-breathing technique.
  • Giving clients tools to use outside of the hypnotherapy office.
  • How to structure multi-session hypnosis programs.
  • Strategic ways to get your first 100 clients.
  • Why blogging and having an online presence is vital.
  • How to start blogging and decide what to write.

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