Dr. Tracy Riley joins me today to share her Stop Putting on Your Pants technique and how it helps clients with taking off in new directions. She reveals how to put a unique spin on networking and presentations and how to speak at community events across different audiences. Tracy highlights how to teach something that gives value and then pivot to the topic of hypnosis. She also discusses how to help clients release grief and survivor’s guilt and how to use an anchor as a catalyst for change.

Dr. Tracy is a published author, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and the founder of Tracy Riley Hypnosis. Tracy has a passion for helping others overcome challenges and make positive and profound life changes. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Florida State University, a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University.

“It’s a repetition game of getting the mind to understand and accept what happened isn’t happening now.” – Dr. Tracy Riley

  • Creating exposure to attract new clients.
  • Creating presentations to benefit business owners and pivoting to hypnosis.
  • How creating awareness of hypnosis in the community leads to referrals.
  • How to create presentations for different niches.
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking.
  • Approaching the subjects of grief and survivor’s guilt.
  • The different types of grief and its symptoms.
  • Three questions to start with when dealing with guilt.
  • Understanding the Stop Putting on Your Pants technique.
  • Creating an anchor to disconnect with the illusion state.

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