René Klein joins me today to discuss hypnotic breakthroughs and how you can build a successful hypnosis business. He shares his views on overcoming perceptions and how to get your business up and running. René reveals why it is vital to be willing to invest in yourself and put money back into your business. He highlights what you need to know about advertising through programs such as Google Ads. He also shares how you can uncover if a person is motivated for change and highlights the easiest client acquisition opportunities.

René is a master hypnotist and the founder of Seven Mountain Hypnosis, where he helps people quickly overcome undesirable habits through hypnosis, coaching, and acupressure. He primarily uses neo-Ericksonian hypnosis to help clients make positive changes such as stop smoking, reduce stress, or correcting unhealthy eating habits. René trained with Mike Mandel and practices hypnosis in Siebengebirge, Germany.

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“It feels uncomfortable to go out there and put your name out there because you will have those thoughts creeping in your mind, ‘What are my friends saying?’ But as soon as you make that step those thoughts disappear.” – René Klein

  • How to respond when clients ask if they can be hypnotized
  • Getting your business up and running
  • The alternatives to handing out business cards
  • Google Ads and managing the costs of acquiring new customers
  • Testing and investing in business marketing
  • Why you should create laser-specific ad campaigns
  • Why it is vital to know what you want before you outsource
  • Questions you need to ask to discover how motivated a person is for change
  • Using pricepoint to disqualify people
  • The easiest client acquisition opportunities

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