Break out the party hats, Jason Linett’s hypnosis business is ten years old!

Professional hypnotherapists are business owners and hence need to know how to structure their business. They need their business to continue growing year after year while balancing a schedule and juggling many tasks and clients. There are many skills and tools to learn effectively for your business to have longevity, from marketing and media to creating services with value and continuing to learn.

Today, That Hypnotist Guy, Richard Cole, joins me to discuss my ten years of experience as a professional hypnotist. We discuss finding your niche and saying no to clients that may find a better solution elsewhere. We discuss the opportunities for scaling your business and how to balance your schedule. We also share how each hypnosis technique or action should have a motivation and the importance of relationships and building rapport.

“You do something a couple of thousand times, you start to figure it out.” – Jason Linett

  • Why you should let your niche find you
  • Respectively saying no to work outside your niche
  • Using and adapting what is already in your toolkit to address client’s problems
  • When you should refer clients to other professionals
  • Why it takes the same effort to sell one thing as it does something else
  • Asking what part of your business you can scale up
  • Why each element of your hypnosis sessions should have a motivation
  • The different approaches to learning and the rhythm of education
  • The importance of rapport and relationships
  • How to balance your time
  • The biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years

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