Scott Sandland returns to the podcast today to share how to do hypnosis for teenagers. While many hypnotists talk about making sure their client is motivated for change, most of Scott’s clients are brought to him against their will. He reveals how to get teens to buy into therapy arranged by their parents and the small things you can do to make working with teenagers significantly easier. He shares his views on whether parents should remain within the hypnotherapy session. He also reveals how constant access to social media brings cyberbullies into a child’s home.

Scott co-organizes HypnoThoughtsLIVE, the largest hypnosis conference in the world, held annually in Las Vegas. In 2020, a new event, HypnoThoughts PLATINUM will launch in San Diego, California.

He is the founder of Goal Oriented Hypnotherapy. He is a practitioner of medical and dental hypnosis, working in hospitals and private practice doctor, drug, and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Scott is a mentor for members of nearly every major hypnotherapy organization, and he is a highly sought-after speaker on NLP and hypnosis. He was awarded the Certificate of Recognition from the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy for progressing the field of hypnosis. The Mid-America Hypnosis Conference also awarded him their first-ever “Half-a-Lifetime Achievement Award.”

“This is their opportunity to start over, and that’s really instructive.” – Scott Sandland

  • Working with young teens.
  • Eye closure and eye lock techniques.
  • Getting a teenager’s buy-in and engagement.
  • Setting up relationship boundaries when parents bring children for help.
  • The little things that make hypnosis with teens easier.
  • Determining whether parents should be in the room with kids under 18.
  • How social media has no boundaries and lets cyberbullies in at all times.
  • How to prepare for working with teens.

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